Will Self Defense Become Vigilantism?

The talk of the town right now is the Kyle Rittenhouse situation. This onion has many layers to peel. You think about one layer and you have to think about other layers. I try to warn my weapon practitioners that every shooting is a drama and a trauma. A story. As Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch says every bullet that comes out of a gun is a potential lawsuit (or arrest).

To counter many shooting mistakes, many people emphasize “shoot/don’t shoot” training but I emphasize a bigger five point, decision-making progression:

  • 1-There/Not There
  • 2-Pull/Don’t (getting hands on your weapon)
  • 3-Aim/Don’t aim (or point)
  • 4-Shoot/Don’t shoot
  • 5-Leave/Stay

Number 1 is a big deal. There or not there! I also rely heavily on the “Who, What. Where, When, How and Why” questions for… well…EVERYTHING in life, but certainly violent situations. In this case, WHY are you there? WHY are you still there? So, the first Rittenhouse hurtle is…the kid going there., and the kid staying there. That onion layer. But then, why were ANY of them there, especially those white, criminal thugs? Okay. But. So. They were ALL there, and this crap happened. I will say this though, that when the authorities won’t go get Frankenstein, soon the villagers pick up their pitchforks and go after him. Protest all you want, but when you burn, loot and destroy, you’re Frankenstein.

The onion starts stinking when we pull off more layers to see the real core, undercurrent movements that float the stinking corpses to the surface. 

As I have worried about and written about for years, I fear the relabeling of self defense as vigilantism will evolve, all nicely interwoven with anti-gun people. I guess two recent poster boys in the corrupt, bias news media for these movements are Texan Beto O’ Rourke (whom I nicknamed “Pancho O’Malley” to remind people the white-Irishman even starts-out/introduces himself with name-game scam to trick half-wit voters.

“Hello, I am Beto, a fake half-Mexican”). Pancho declared he will “Hell, yeah, go after AR-15s and AK-47s”. Pancho is like a bad penny that won’t go away in Texas.

Then we have the airhead, late-night waste, Stephen Colbert who wants to change the self defense laws.

How about that Kyle prosecutor Kraus who suggested – sometimes, you just have to take a beating, – in final arguments.


Take a beating. This way, in liberal la-la land, more and more self defense citizens get prosecuted and persecuted.

Speaking of idiot prosecutors, part of this relabeling is manifested by district attorneys at all levels. We have to watch out as airhead leftists win district attorney (oh, and mayorals too) elections in counties across the United States, as they have doing, confirmed to be financially supported by foreigner, international, buttin-ski, billionaire and Darth Vader lookalike George Soros. (Soros has been falsely accused of many things, but not these donations.)

I understand that people in other countries scratch their heads at the “America and Guns” issue. But, as I said while in England in a pre-Covid 2019 , BBC interview, “We have 320 million people and some 350-400 million guns. If we believe the media, we should all be dead by now.”

But folks in other countries live in a different world, different cultures and therefore imagine fairly-tale solutions and improbable opinions that cannot be blanketed upon the USA. We’re big and can get a little rowdy. 

As an old Texas, ex-lawman, redneck-hippy, my two responses remain…

  • 1) You ain’t collecting 350-plus million guns in 3,531,905 square miles of the USA, most of it rural. It is physically impossible on several levels. 
  • 2) I want to live in a world where criminals are plain scared to death of normal people (and I might add, world history tells us governments should always be a little intimidated and scared of their people).


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