Force Necessary: Hand

Unarmed combatives by Hock

When Necessary? FORCE NECESSARY: HAND! Unarmed Combat Training for Citizens, Soldiers, Martial Artists and Law Enforcement

“Force Necessary: Hand! There are many martial arts. And, in the last decade or so, many unarmed martial, “combatives” courses. There are short, crash unarmed “GED” courses/schools, and longer unarmed, “college” course versions.

I, sadly for me, have no flashy sales marketing, no addictive sales pitch angle, foreign flags (the grass is always greener ellsewhere, huh?) to dangle, flash and catch your passing eye. No fancy suits or billboard uniforms, or connections to movie stars or super heroes. Just the universal nuts and bolts. 

This is about handling recalcitrant, cranky and-or drunk friends and relatives, and fighting criminals and enemy soldiers when you are unarmed. This course comes from 50 years of diverse martial, police and military training and real experiences. And it is more of a college course in length, so – bad news folks – it takes a long time, and a commitment. Like you know, like tennis or cabinet building, or something. It takes time to be a savvy self-defense “fighter” (and I dislike that generic term “fighter” too, for what I try to make, to represent. I don’t just make…”fighters.” I try to make good people with big minds, who must sometimes – fight). This approach is not brain surgery or complicated. I have no time for excessive and unnecessary, exotic moves.” – W. Hock Hochheim

Hock self defense on the ground


Situation-Based Combat. Event-Driven Self-Defense. Combat-Scenario Based.

In Unarmed combatives, my central focus is urban, suburban, rural and battlefield fighting winning, survival and self-defense, based upon military and police defensive tactics and the best of martial arts – bridging this gap” between all of these systems. (I am amazed that so many people have invested into the term “urban.” Some of out greatest UFC fighters have been “farm boys.”)

I believe in the seamless application of all good tactics in all ranges of combat – standing, kneeling and prone. I don’t consider myself a martial arts instructor. I am more of a friendly drill sergeant, or police academy instructor teaching you real-world survival skills in a mixed weapon, mixed-person world.” – Hock

This Unarmed Combatives Training Course covers mentality, strategies and tactics in hand vs. hand, hand vs. knife, hand vs. stick, and hand vs. gun threats. Level 1 (beginner) thru Level 10 The first nine levels prepare you for the 10th level which is a performance of many combat scenarios in all ranges of standing, kneeling, seated and prone-ground reality combat.

We will often recognize your blood, sweat, tears and martial time in other systems and kick-start people into an appropriate rank for them if they are so interested, providing Hock is familiar with your other systems and has seen you perform in classes and at seminars. (Click on “Instructor” button for info about instructors in your area.)

I will never tell you how to fight. That is up to you, based on your size, your strength, your age and other personal specs. I can only introduce and coach. You learn these universal self defense, hand to hand combat training moves, exercise them and select your favorites.


In these Self-Defense Hand to Hand Combatives Course and Videos You Will Learn:

  • Important strikes, kicks, grappling, survival ground fighting.
  • Preparatory advice on crime and survival.
  • De-escalation tools.
  • Skill developing exercises, skills and drills.
  • Non-classical, non-traditional, no katas, no sports, no kids, no contracts, no uniform.
  • Rank certification and instructorships are available, or just simply train for knowledge!
  • Learn the tactics/plans of criminals and enemy soldiers, how they will ambush you and fight you.