Hock Hochheim Combatives and Self-Defense Shopping

Let’s get real! W. Hock Hochheim via Force Necessary brings you the best self-defense, combatives videos, downloads and seminars currently available anywhere in the world.  What you need to ask yourself is this – would you be wise to learn from someone who has spent his life researching the tactics and strategies of ALL THE MAJOR self-defense systems and LIVING THEM and distilling them down into WHAT WORKS and teaches these things in easy to understand and follow modules almost anyone can learn–all at an affordable price.  That’s what Force Necessary is all about.

Escape the barriers, the myths, the dogma and the politics of martial systems and focus on the best of each system that Hock Hochheim has compiled just for you. Force Necessary is about the ESSENCE OF COMBAT, that force which is necessary to do battle and to win when it counts most.  Hock has done all the work for you, take advantage of his experience and know-how and order one of his or his affiliate’s many affordable and informative videos, a book, or schedule to attend a seminar today.  We want you coming home to your mission, your job, to your family…alive.

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