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Situational – Tactical – Practical – Strategic – Event-Based Knife Combatives

     This is my KNIFE / COUNTER-KNIFE weapon course. It is "painfully" simple. Pun intended. I only teach you the very essence of knife combatives and knife fighting, self-defense. And I do hate the term “knife fighting.” I have been training in this for more than three decades, and teaching "the knife" for two decades, well before it was cool. I have a system taught all over the world, as far as China and Australia.


   I have seen many knife fads and systems come and go. Many of them were shallow and, frankly, sent the wrong, flippant message about the harsh realities of the subjects of crime and war. Sorry, if you are looking for fancy, exotic, flashy, foreign, mysterious knife material with wacky names and weird people? In this course, we teach the following:



– Knife Vs Unarmed

– Knife Vs Stick

– Knife vs knife

– Knife vs gun threats

Criminal and military history reveals that a real world knife fight is more rough and tumble (like football or rugby) and less like fencing. So-called “dueling” can happen, but it is an event least likely to occur in our modern times of mixed weapons in war, crime, emotion and ambush. In this knife combatives course, I have carefully crafted a doctrine where you will learn how to use a knife to its maximum potential in all grips: standing, kneeling, sitting and on the ground, with less-than-lethal and lethal results. In this course, I have carefully crafted for you a doctrine where you will learn how to use a knife to its maximum potential. This doctrine includes all the better parts of military knife fighting-such as Russian Knife Fighting, South African and Rhodesian knife fighting, as well as Filipino knife fighting, American and European knife fighting. Also, this includes a study in criminal and prison knife fighting and knife self-defense. Plus knife combatives training innovations. Every level is a beginners level, and counts as like "Level 1," for first timers. Not rocket science. Not complicated, foreign drills. This is not brain surgery. It is surgery of a different, more simple sort. Every level is built to be simple.


Hock Hochheim on the cover of Tactical Knives Magazine as one of the top 10 knife fighting instructors..

The Force Necessary: Knife! Training Methodologies Are:

1) The Psychology of Knife Violence – You learn criminal and military psychologies, research and history of knife combatives.

2) Solo Command and Mastery of the Knife – You learning body movement and synergy by practicing movements “in the air.” You learn to strike stationary training objects for goal-specific power and experience.

3) Partner Knife Drills – You slash and stab moving targets held by a partner. Later he strikes back at you. You learn a limited amount of established skill and flow drills to improve your balance, coordination and savvy during knife fighting self-defense.

4) Combat Knife Scenarios – You work in standing, kneeling, sitting and ground combat scenarios, staged as realistically as possible. Below is a photo of the results of such a confrontation in a case I worked as a detective. That is not a brain laying on his stomach! The results pictured in these photos represent the ugly reality of knife encounters. It is not a game of “duel-tag” with a rubber toy you play “passy-passy, tappy-tappy” with in the corner of some gym, this is more like rugby with knives. These solutions include less-than-lethal knife applications.

5) Moral, ethical, legal and political issues

Hock Hochheim teaching knife ground fighting.

Your Force Necessary: Knife! Training course progression looks like this:

 This courses about knife self defense and knife combatives do not have to be completed in numerical order to progress through the system, As with college courses, your take and complete them as you can. Colleges would prefer you take their programs in order, but it is just impossible to do. So, take them as you get the opportunity.

Information about requirements, organization and fees for instructorship available on the Scientific Fighting Congress Instructors page.

Hock’s courses change and evolve through time to incorporate changes in learning styles, law enforcement agency requirements and additional training methods as they become available.  If you need information about current certification requirements for this course and how they relate to previous courses, contact Hock directly at

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