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Scientific Fighting Congress (SFC), International Force Necessary Instructors

People listed on our instructor pages are active certified instructors. There are people not on the list that have attained various ranks to include Black Belt levels ranks in the last 20 years, but for whatever private or professional reasons, they are not recently active within this organization. They still possess these rankings, they are just not listed here on the active-duty pages. Hock is constantly improving and honing the material, as well as checking on the instructors and their progress. If he doesn't see them for a long period? They fall off the active-duty list. If you're a past instructor interested in updating your certification so you'll once again appear on the list, attend a seminar or contact Hock for details on how you can become active again.

Marine Quan

Certification Guide:

  •  UC – Unarmed Combatives
  • Knife – Knife/Counter-Knife Combatives
  • PAC – Pacific Archipelago Combatives (& Freelancer Filipino MA)
  • Stick- Impact Weapon Combatives
  • Gun – The Gun/Counter-Gun Combatives
  • CQC Group – The Close Quarter Combatives Group
  • Multi – Certified in more than one SFC system
  • Police Judo – Police version of the Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun courses

Levels of Instructor Progress
1) Class Organizer
2) Basic Instructor
3) Advanced Instructor
4) Specialist Instructor
5) Black Belt Level (Remember, your training just really BEGINS at "black belt."

Hock requires that instructors attend at least one seminar a year. Hock takes your other training and teaching into consideration when certifying instructors. The Force Necessary instructors listed below are currently active and are certified.  All of these people are veterans in their fields. Find answers to your Instructors Questions here: Scientific Fighting Congress Instructor Questions


Rodolfo Valdes | Argentina, Basic CQC Instructor Tel: 54 9 299 4188673  Email



Wayne Bubb | Melbourne Australia, Level 10 Black Belt Unarmed | Basic Instructor Advanced Knife Instructor Level 6 | Stick 4 Basic Instructor, Gun 2, CQC Group level 2

Trail Dowie | Melbourne, Australia. Numerous martial arts degrees, 2nd Dan Black Unarmed Combatives. Level 5 Knife | Level 6 Stick | Gun Level 2 | CQC Class Group Level 2

Mark Edwards |Melbourne, Australia, Basic Unarmed Instructor Email

David Ian Gibb | Port Fairy, Australia, Advanced  Unarmed Instructor. Level 6 | Knife Basic Instructor level 6   Email

Phil Holmes | Australia,  Basic UC Instructor Email


Fabian Kmet | Melbourne, Australia, Spartan Combatives, Unarmed Combatives Level 10 Black Belt, Adanced  Knife Instructor Level 6, Gun Basic Instructor Level 3, Impact Weapon Instructor Level 3 Basic Instructor, CQC Group Level 2  Email


Geordie Lavers-McBain | West of Brisbane in Beaudesert. Knife – Level 10 Black Belt | Unarmed – Level 10 Black Belt Basic and  Kenpo Karate-Jujutsu  | Level 3 Basic Instructor PAC and  Level 3 Basic Instructor Freelancer | Level 3 Basic Instructor Impact Weapons | Level 2 Gun  | Level 2 CQC Group – Level 2     Email

Azriel Mandala | Melbourne, Australia, Level 3 Basic Knife Instructor, CQC Group Class Organizer

Blake Kessler |  Sydney, Australia,  Level 3 Basic Knife Instructor, Gun 1, Stick 2  – Martial Arts Research Academy Email


Duncan Maxwell | Adelaide, Australia, Basic Unarmed Instructor Email

Michael McCarthy | Melbourne, Australia, Basic UC Instructor Email

Aaron Patterson | Kempsey, Australia, Kempsey Defendo, PAC/Filipino Basic Instructor CQC Group Class Organizer

Michelle Rohan | Melbourne, Australia, Basic Unarmed Instructor Email

Peter Sciarra Based in Melbourne but tours the world, (France, Spain, Italy, USA, Belgium…), UC Level 11 Black Belt Instructor, Advanced Instructor Knife/Counter-Knife | Advanced Impact Weapons Istructor Level 6 http://www.integratedcombatsystems.com.au Tel: 04 13311633 Email

George Stefanescu | Melbourne, Australia, Level 10 Black Belt UC Instructor and Advanced Police Judo Instructor Email

Ian Tindale | Sydney, Australia, Basic UC Instructor Email

Karl Veit | Australia, CQC Instructor in 2001. Stick Level 8. Knife Level 9 UC Level 10. Pacific Archipelago Level 6 karl4853@dodo.com.au

Patrick Vongries | NSW, Australia, Basic Knife Level 3,  SDMS Impact Weapon Basic Instructor Email

melb 6

Dan O'Keeffe Wilson | Sydney, Australia, and London, UK, UC Level 10 Black Belt dan@chilli.net.au

Donna Wooding | Australia, Basic Unarmed Instructor Email

Shane Cassidy | Narellen, Australia, Level 6 Close Quarter Combat Group Advanced Instructor. Email    Military Combatives 

Michael Matijovski | Shellharbour/Wollongong, Knife Basic Instructor Level 3, Stick Instructor Level 3  Contact

Dave Mundi | Adelaide, Australia, CQC Group Basic Instructor Level 3, Hand 3, Stick 3, Knife 3, Gun 3 Contact

Phillip Pook | Melbourne, Unarmed Level 10 Black Belt Instructor,  Impact Weapon/Stick Level 3 Basic instructor, Knife Level 3 Basic Instructor, Gun Level 2, CQC Group Level 2 Email

Jeremy Excell | Melbourne, Australia,  Unarmed Level 10 Black Belt , Knife Level basic Instructor, Impact Weapon Level 3 Basic Instructor, Gun 2 | Close Quarter Combat Group Level 2  Email

Phil Hedges Martial arts Queensland Brisbane Australia, Level 3 Basic Knife Instructor Email   

Damien Martin Helensville/Gold Coast, Southern Cross Martial Arts, Level 3 Basic Knife Instructor  Email

Lachlan Dart, Warrambool, Level 3 Basic Unarmed Combatives Instructor  Email

Simon Sultana, Melbourne, Level 6 Advanced Unarmed Combatives Instructor   Email 




Sven De Doncker | Antwerp, Belgium, Level 3, Basic Knife Instructor. Contact Sven thru http://www.five-elements.info/

Vyncke Johan and his staff |Menen, Westvlaanderen, Belgium, UC Advanced Level 6, PAC and Filipino Combatives Expertise Level 9 Email

Casier Dieter |  Ninove, (Brussles area) Belgium, Basic Unarmed Instructor. Basic Knife Instructor, Basic PAC/Filipino Instructor. Various other rankings in other systems. Email






John Ganth | Red Rock, Canada, Level 11, 2nd Dan Black Belt UC Email

Russell Gaudin | Victoria BC, Canada, Level 8 Advanced UC Instructor, Level 9 Advanced Knife Instructor, Level 3 Basic SDMS Instructor, Level 4 Basic Gun Instructor, CQC Group Basic  Instructor, First Aid instructor Email

Tony Manula | Thunder Bay, Canada, Advanced Instructor Level 11 Knife, UC Level Black Belt Level 11, Stick Level 10 Black Email

Jordon Manula | Thunder Bay, Canada, Knife Basic Instructor, Level 3. Stick Level 6 Advanced Instructor

Leo Oja | Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, Instructor – UC Pevel 11 Black Belt, Level 11 Black Knife, Level 10 Black Belt Stick-Impact Weapons,  Tel:(807) 344-0101  Email

Jim Pepin | Thunder Bay, Canada, Unarmed Combative Level 11 Black Belt, Level 11 Black Belt Knife, Stick Level 10 Black Email

Phil Roussin | Thunder Bay, Canada, UC Level 11 Black Belt Instructor, CQC Group Level 6, PAC 8, Knife Black Level 11, Stick Level 10 Blackbelt

Ray Therrien | Penetanguishere, Canada, Basic Knife Instructor Email

Max Tittaferrante | Thunder Bay, Canada, Basic Instructor Level 3 Knife Email

Ashleigh “Ash” Walker | Victoria, Canada, Unarmed Level 8, Advanced Instructor, Knife Level 7, Advanced Instructor, Stick Level 5, Basic Instructor, Gun Level 3, Basic Instructor, Basic CQC Group, PAC Level 2, sfcvictoria@gmail.com

Shawn Zirger | Toronto | Close Quarter Combat class organizer (multi ranks from mutilpe respected instructors)  The Zirger Academy

Bryan Zarnett | Toronto/Whitby  | Level 3 Basic Knife Instructor and Close Quarter Combat class organizer (multi ranks from multiple respected instructors) Durham Modern Martial Arts

Sylwester Organka | Mississouga/Toronto | Level 3 Basic Knife Instructor Email

Chad Soper  | Western Canada/B.C. | Level 3 Basic Knife Instructor  email



DAI_0709 ls

Dai Bolun | Beijing, Knife Level 4 Basic instructor, Stick/Impact Weapon Level 4 Basic Instructor, Unarmed Level 4 Basic Instructor, 6th Dan ITF Taekwondo  ititf@hotmail.com  Tel: 86-10-84219899

Liu Shang | Beijing, Knife Level 4 Basic instructor, Stick/Impact Weapon Level 4 Basic Instructor, Unarmed Level 4 Basic Instructor, Gun Level 2, CQC Group Level CQC              4, 6th Dan ITF Taekwondo, 2nd dan Karate , 1st Dan Hapkido  liushang@vip.sina.com  www.liushang.net




Janne Hakkinen | Finland, Knife Level 9 Subject Matter Expertise Knife, Gun Level 3 Basic, Close Quarter Combat Group Level 3 Basic Instructor Email

Stefan Mattsson | Helsinki, Finland, Knife Level 9 – Subject Matter Expertise Knife Instructor and Close Quarter Combat Group Class Basic Instructor, Police Judo Basic Instructor Level 4 Tel: (358) 45-1372727 sam.cqc@gmx.com



Gerald Barnett | Paris Area, France,  Instructor – Multi CQC and PAC courses, Kajukenbo Black Belt Tel: 33 476 522744 gpbarnett@wanadoo.fr



2014 Hersbruck, Germany

Christof Froehlich | Frankfurt area, Germany, Instructor Hock Hock's Knife/ Counter Knife Filipino Knife, Instructor Hock's Pacific Archipelago Combatives, Instructor Hock's Filipino Combatives, Instructor Hock's SDMS System, Representative Kalis Ilustrisimo Frankfurt/Germany. Lameco Eskrima Orehenal Apprentice Instructor under Guro Dave Gould.

Thomas Wahl | Heilbronn Germany, Advanced CQC Group Instructor

Peter Arpad | Nuremberg, Germany, Advanced Knife Instructor and Level 8 Knife  Email

Jens "Texas" Endelmann, Mannheim, Germany | CQC Group Class Organizer Art 2Fight 

Florian Sorge | Hannover, Germany | Force Necessary: Stick! Basic Instructor | Email

Chris Schmerzfrei | Hannover, Germany | Force Necessary: Stick! Basic Instructor | Email





Peter Balta | Budapest, Hungary, Knife Instructor Level 9 Email

Richárd Darabos | Budapest, Hungary, Basic Knife Instructor Email

Zsolt, Hegyi | Budapest, Hungary, Gun Level 2, Level 10 – SFC Knife Instructor Email

Zoltan, Juhasz | Budapest, Hungary, "Flagship/Head " Instructor Expertise SFC Knife Instructor Level 10, Master Wing Chun Kung Fu, Dan Inosanto Systems instructor,  http://hockhochheim.hu   |  Email

Peter Nemeth | Budapest, Hungary, Basic Police Judo Instructor Level 3 http://www.11mester.hu

Dr. Robert Bela Pados | Budapest, Hungary, Expertise Level 11 (2nd Dan Black)  Knife Instructor Level 10 Black Belt, 5th Dan Jiu-Do Self Defence, 4th Dan Judo, 2nd dan Bujutsu, 1st Dan Jujutsu  |  Web page  Email

Zoltan, Papp | Budapest, Hungary, Knife Level 10 Black Belt and SFC , CQC Instructor Email

Balla, Tibor | Knife Level 3 Basic Instructor, Stick Level 3 Bbasic Instructor, Gun 2  Systema Solznok Webpage   Email

István Sándor |  Knife Basic Instructor | Unarmed Basic Level 3 Instructor  – istvansandor898@gmail.com

Tibor Tréber – |   Unarmed Basic Level 3 Instructor   tibor.treber@gmail.com



Massimo Frasson, all of northern Italy | Many rankings but also a PAC/Filipino Basic Instructor. Contact him https://www.massimofrasson.it/

italy 11




Rodrigo Guajardo H. | Matamoros, Tamps,  Mexico.  UC  Black Belt, Kempo Karate JuJitsu Black Belt,  SDMS Black Belt, Knife Black Belt, Gun Black Belt, CQC Group Black Belt. Investigator and security specialist www.cqc.com.mx, rodrigoguajardo@hotmail.com  Tel (52) 868 8191159



Marcel Bikker | Houten, Netherlands, Level 6 Advanced Knife Instructor, Basic Level 6 Advanced Unarmed Combatives Instructor http://www.closecombat.nl

Wouter Jansen | Netherlands, Advanced Level 6 Knife Instructor, UC Level 10 75wouter@hotmail.nl

Marc Jan Kraayenzank | Netherlands, Unarmed Black Belt Level 10 Instructor, Black Belt Level 10 Knife, CQC Group 1, Black Belt Level 10 Impact Weapons, PAC Basic Instructor http://www.closecombat.nl



Joel Tham | Auckland, New Zealand, Force Necessary Hand Advanced Level 7 Instructor, CQC Group Class Organizer  Combat Krav Maga NZ

Charles Riley of S.A.F.E. | Auckland, New Zealand, Force Necessary Hand Advanced Level 7 Instructor, PAC/Filipino Level 3 Basic Instructor, CQC Group Class Organizer



Tomasz Adamczyk | Poland, Head of the United Krav Maga World Organization, Headquarters Lodz, Poland  (Many, many  members of his staff are certified) 




Igor Grujic | Serbia, Basic Gun Instructor Level 6, Knife Instructor Level 10, Basic Impact Weapon Instructor Level 3 igor@sokocombatsystem.com 



Mark Eekhof | South Africa (multi) South Africa Global Tactical Training Institute Mark Eekhof Director of Training, Johannesburg South Africa Tel: 27 11 888 7416 http://www.gtti.co.za  Email




Fabian Tell | Stockholm, Advanced Level 6 in the PAC/Filipino, UC Course, SDMS Impact Weapon Course, Knife Course. (Hock's longest-term, many-year, host and "student" in Sweden. Email

Mikael Berg | Sweden, Tel: 46 703 595271 Email 

Stefan Gustavsson | Gothenberg, Sweden, Black Belt/Level 10 Knife/Counter-Knife Tel: 46 315 42910 Email

Stefan Linnarsson | Gothenberg, Sweden, Black Belt/Level 10 Knife/Counter-Knife Tel: 46 315 42910 Email



Benjamin Böhringer | Wettingen, Switzerland, Basic Knife Instructor b_ben5@hotmail.com

Juan Obrecht | Zürich / Switzerland, Advanced Level 6 SFC Knife Instructor, Advanced Level 6 Impact Weapon Instructor and instructor in PFS and DB styles. Warriors Eskrima/Pangamut Instructor (Filipino Kali Empty Hand) http://www.jkdfighting.ch  Email


United Kingdom Includes- Great Britain/England/Scotland/Ireland


Keith Curtis | Cambridge, Specialized instructor in various FM courses. Unarmed 10 Black Belt, Stick 9, Knife 9, PAC level 4, Police Judo level 8, Gun 6 Email

Keith David Nichols | London Area, United Kingdom, Instructor – Unarmed Level 9, CQC Group kdn1@btinternet.com

Jethro Randolph | Gloucester/Stroud, United Kingdom, Unarmed Level 10 Black Belt, Knife 5 Basic Instructor Facebook    Email   www.forcenecessary.co.uk 

Anthony Cunnae | Dundalk, Ireland | Krav Maga Tactical School | Force Necessary: Stick! Basic Instructor | +353 85 111 4604 | Email 

Kieran AshmoreDundalk, Ireland | Krav Maga Tactical School | Force Necessary: Stick! Basic Instructor | +353 85 111 4604 | Email 

Mag and Scaz

Szabi Bandli and Magdalena Nikitczuk | London Class Organizers Email

Me and Jetho 4

(some of the best London troops…)


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