2021 Hock's Global Seminars

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25th Year anniversary of teaching around the word!
To see information and,or to register for Hock's Seminars for 2021 click: Return to the master page here and click on the seminars as they get listed.
Due to Covid, our international seminars for England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan and Australia seem to be postponed for 2022! Keep looking here for any changes.

Remaining 2021 Seminars (USA only due to Covid):
April 10-11 Abilene, TX
May 15-16, Boston MA
June 12-13 Denver, CO
July 17, 18 Kansas City, MO
August 14-15 Houston, TX
September 11-12 Delaware
October 16-17 Kokomo. IN
Nov 13-14 Meridian, MS
December, Savannah, GA

January KR Range, Manheim, TX
...with more under construction.

Preregister and get more info here on each seminarClick here

Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun, PAC-FMA, Police Defender Police Judo.
Rank and, or Instructor development, or just train for knowledge.

Two day attendance tuition ranges from $150 to $229 depending on the region and local economies. About $150 for any one day. Special events may be more, or less! (Please ignore and disregard the $1.00 fee listed here. The shopping cart software requires that a price be listed in order to provide you with this information and links to the actual seminars. For full information about registering, click the link above and go to the seminar shopping cart.)