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Hock's Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

Throughout his police and military career Hock has been a prolific writer, storyteller and educator about all things related to crime, criminal minds, self-defense, personal protection and law enforcement. He has an uncanny ability to teach, entertain and enlighten both in person and in his books. One of the most fascinating things about his work is that his teaching and writing is based extensively on his real-life experience. His characters in his fiction are composites of situations and personalities he’s actually known, sometimes arrested and helped convict for their terrible crimes against humanity. His non-fiction takes into account likely situations police, military and citizens may encounter during their lifetime and helps those people learn how to better provide for their own protection and protect their families. Hock has dedicated his life to teaching, military, police and citizens how to protect themselves. He has a long history of finding criminals, bringing them to justice and putting them behind bars. He tirelessly researches everything related to crime, criminals, social situations and genetics that lead to crime and continually works to find new ways to teach people how to overcome crime which is constantly evolving. These stories play themselves out with great detail and accuracy in his fiction and in his training guides.

Hock’s sold more than 40,000 thousand books in 40+ countries to date. He continues to write fiction, non-fiction and how-to books related to self-defense and crime and he continues to tour internationally teaching self-defense.

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