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Hock Self Defense Gear

W. Hock Hochheim Self-Defense Related Gear

banner-close-quarter-combat-hock-hochheim-small.gif Banner - The Angry Elephant CQC Group Wall Banner $59.99$50.00

The Angry elephant, CQC Group wall banner

gear-wooden-gun-150 Wooden Guns with Safe "ammo" $25.00

Wooden Training Pistols
Train with simulated weapons and ammo to get a real feel for training under high-risk situations.

"Just finished a weekend seminar with Mr. Hock Hochheim. What a wealth of information and training techniques all delivered with humble good humor. His experiences as a cop, decades of training as a martial artist, and copious research as an author on the subject affirms the truth." - Jeff Locke, Professional Airline Pilot, Martial Artist and 2nd Amendment Supporter, Texas, USA
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