Watching Two Men Shot – Texas Church Shooting

The men? Their names were Anton Wallace, 64. Richard White, 67,

All this happened before Covid and all the medical masking, I really hate to comment on these things, but I am pissed. I really try to keep my mouth shut about these mass/group shootings. Lord knows each and every one on the web jumps on to babble on and on about every little factor of mass shootings, pushing their dissected “one-ups-man-ship” on who is the smartest, group shooter adviser/expert, trying to find that angle that specializes themselves as THEE, go-to, honcho analyzer. The woulda’s, the coulda’s and the shoulda’s, the Monday mornings  of shootings. But here goes…

News reports –  “Wilson said he and other members of the security team were watching Kinnunen when he walked into the sanctuary because he was wearing a fake beard and fake wig.”

Watching? I know times have changed.  I attended a conservative political rally once…could be 8 years ago in downtown Dallas, TX. Outdoors. There were actual patriots there, the kind of people that are sick of, and against “big government, big tax” as I am. The kind of event attended by normal, adults, yet walking through the grounds was a guy, by all shape and movement, a guy in his 20s, wearing a “V” mask. His face was covered. Hands exposed, he was a white guy. He was the only one person in some 200 people, masked. If I was working there? I’d find out who that guy was, out of the presence of the crowd, with a contact. I’d be looking for signs of weapons, etc. 

Now, in the many years prior I’ve worked security in events – the first serious one in the 1980s as a police detective, was with President Bush senior, a speech in a college stadium and dinner, where I was assigned to the US Secret Service. My job was to walk the arena and look for local crazies and knuckleheads with an S.S. agent as a partner. No one was getting anywhere near the building, in any mask, or a fake beard or wig. No inappropriate clothes for the weather. No one, I repeat no one, and I repeat again, NO ONE like that, would have stepped a foot on the parking lot. Did I say no one? If one did, we would have bounced his ass off the premises and into some dark hole somewhere for intense search and questioning. Years later, retired, I organized security for a Jimmy Carter book tour through Texas with his Secret Service. Same rules. Crowd watching.

Since then, I’ve had many security, event contracts of semi-famous and very famous people – the biggest was organizing security for Rudy Giuliana with the NYPD bodyguard team.  I always hired local SWAT officers over their typical, overtime rates, because almost all were multi-talented vets. Since the 1980’s, where I was  security, or a security manager or event manager, if you found someone walking around in freaking masks or disguises, atop bulky clothes, they were stopped and removed.

I guess it has become politically incorrect to remove masked and disguised people in such events? Was that it? Is that it? Now I am not talking about a Muslim woman with her face covered, even though I find that practice an atrocious symbol of female oppression. She’s a victim of a group thinking disorder, brainwashed, goof-ball, whack-job society. If you suppress women? You suck. If you have a system that does? You’re stupid and your system is stupid and it sucks. You suppress anyone, in fact? You suck.

But this White Settlement Church shooting in Texas, so heralded as a positive example by so many – the church security guy shooting the bad guy mass shooter. The good guy with a gun theme. We love it.  I love it. First off, hey, I am happy the bad guy is shot dead. In this world, there are just some sons a bitches that need killing. And I hope that everyone sitting in that church had a pistol. Two pistols each, in fact. Sure, great. But, here’s the real deal, two really, innocent great, special guys died in that church before the wonderful, heroic shooting. THAT is why I am pissed. This is my point. The security was a professional failure. I don’t expect normal people to easily recognize this, and more than not, church security is made up of normal people with a pistol.

Any professional would easily recognize that this was a mess and professional, security failure.

Numerous people (to include the guards,) saw him wearing a bad wig and a fake beard. And clothes long enough to conceal a shotgun. How much clothing does one need to cover a shotgun? To sit down while concealing a shotgun? The couple sitting next to him, got up and left. And security, just…watched.

In my world, my time, you walk across the my parking lot, you try to enter my building, my doors, into my lobby,  you try take a seat in my event, in a fake wig, and a fake beard (cheap ones that untrained citizens recognized) wearing enough bulky clothes to conceal a shotgun? Baggy enough to conceal one while seated? Well bubba, you ain’t getting in the door. Your ass is bounced off to the dark side of the moon.

I understand I am dinosaur from a past age. I understand that the politically correct world today has officially in some cases and unofficially de-emasculated many police and security people into wormy little, paranoid, sycophant, pussy cats. Afraid to stop people. Afraid to confront people. Afraid to march them off somewhere. Afraid to pat them down. But probable cause and common sense tells you, you can. You’d better. Especially by a school. Especially by a church. the Supreme Court calls such things, “totality of circumstances.”

IF I ran a city – which I never would or could because timid, liberal dipshits seem to abound everywhere. In my city, no one would wear a mask or disguises at any organized event except Comic Con.

The parking lot. The doors. The lobby. The event. These armed, church, security people may hit a bulls-eye on a shooting range and have great trigger control, or even teach shooting,  but they first need to evaluate people and situations. They need to run proper parking lot security, and proper, entry-door control and observation,  lobby and seating observation. And they need the balls, and verbal and physical skills to stop people and, or remove people, and not let them pass, not let them inside just to…to “watch” them.

That first contact could-should be cordial, charming even. Then it de-escalates or escalates, depending upon his answers. If you stop a suspicious, acting/looking stranger on the church parking lot or in the lobby, this is where charm and verbal skills come in. Is he “coming-to-Jesus” for the first time? Or, a whack job killer? Verbal skills determines.

But…but  WATCH him? Watch him shoot two wonderful people? It’s called intervention. You intervene. 

“I saw Lee Harvey Oswald and he looked real suspicious, so I watched him. Then he shot President Kennedy, so I shot him.”

You’re too late, hotshot. This Wilson guy will now get a medal.  The hero who “let.” The hero who “watched.” I would not give him a medal. I would send him back to security school. Protectors have to know when to go “verbal,” when to go “confront,” when to go “hands-on,” and that the “hands-on” may turn into a scuffle, even a gun fight. When you put on the “big-boy hat” and “big boy badge,” It’s a zero-to-60, mixed-weapon, world. And you carry that gun? You also need to know why and how NOT to use it.  You do that this particular time, (and often) by every step I just listed, from charming to bad-ass.

Watch people? Watch people shoot two great guys? No.

No masks. No disguises. No wrong clothes.

Just…just No.

(And I don’t teach church, security courses. I presume all this stuff is taught in them? Or, in some,  are they just shooting paper targets? )


Veteran Tom Crawford checks in – “After 40 years spent in security and law enforcement, my first reaction to hearing about this was some relief that it was not worse, and how the presence of some good people probably saved lives. I have no wish to detract from that. But I also recognized it as a serious security failure.

This is what “amateur hour” looks like in the security field, and what happens when the responsibility for protection at an event is left to well-meaning volunteers who have not had the benefit of professional training and experience. Having said that, these people, including Jack Wilson, did the best they could given what they knew about security, which clearly wasn’t that much. This is what can happen when shooting skill is conflated with security knowledge.

I can only think about how this may have turned out differently had these good people had the benefit of professional training and supervision in their program. It might well have made any shooting unnecessary. I’m sure even Jack Wilson, who reportedly was responsible for “training” this group would agree, and if he had it to do over again, would have gotten some professional instruction for his team in exchange for having two good men still alive.”

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