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Another question is popping up to me, with these seminar cancellations and international house arrests (March, 2020 Covid-19 times), would I, will I do virtual or video rank testing? Quick answer? No. Fact is, I just can’t wrap my head around the long distance, video testing thing.

I am very disorganized about testing-ranking people which is a short-term, business mistake on my part, but I consider rank and instructorships are a side option, an additional service for my practitioners, not my main thrust. Ambitious people in seminars pretty much have to put a post-it. sticky note on their forehead –

“I’d like to test for Knife 5,”
“I want to be a basic instructor.”

-for dense ol’ me to get and retain the message.

In a 2-day seminar, when alert to a testee or two in attendance, I can easily schedule a two hour block out of the 14 hours to cover, say “Knife 5.” Everyone needs to see it anyway, and, or needs to review it, anyway.

I watch the candidate closely, but the idea of a “test” to me is a whole weekend event and an overall weekend rating. Not only do I watch the actual material being done closely, I am also watching the candidate (and everyone) closely and looking for an overall mental and physical, skill-knowledge level. Lunch or dinner may even count as to what we gossip and talk about. What have they done since last seminar? With whom? I respect and count the work of some other instructors/systems, yet some others? Not at all.

I am looking for, I guess you can say,
* “Martial I.Q.”
* Not “martial ARTS I.Q., mind you,
* but MARTIAL I.Q.”
(Can you see the difference? If so, that enlightenment is part of your martial IQ.)

These are the things I look for when I have my testing ball-cap on, and the idea of watching someone do a video test seems pretty incomplete to me, distant, shallow, compared to what I am use to. I just can’t wrap my head around it. 

When I “make” a Force Necessary or PAC/Filipino instructor and they test their people for ranks and instructorships under them, without me, that is their bailiwick and control. Their “way,” their process. I simply have to trust them.

Of course I do try to make up for my testing indiscretions and I have a special weekend here and there for testing to catch up, but they are still taught in a seminar instruction process. Click here for seminars


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