Book - Impact Weapon Combatives

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Impact Weapon Combatives
by W. Hock Hochheim
Stick vs. Hand, Stick, Knife and Gun Threats
Hardcover Textbook or Over-sized Black and White Paperback

Hardcover textbook. Over 1,400+ how-to photos, fom standing to the ground, from grip-to-grip, situations to scenarios, the most comprehensive stick book on combatives you will find anywhere, at any time! Training! Exercises! Tactics! How to Train! Plus True Military Knife Combat Stories!

Since 1996, each year, I've taught combatives in 40 cities in 10 allied countries and examined the performances of thousands of soldiers, police and citizens. I have been a paid consultant for The U.S. Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Marines. Plus, I am an avid, lifelong, obsessed student of crime, violence and military history.

Impact Weapon Combatives is a groundbreaking, incredibly detailed and inclusive go-to book on Impact Weapons. This is the training course about you holding a stick in your hand and blocking, striking and grappling against empty hand attacks, against other impact weapons, against edged weapons and against some gun threats. Hock's involvement with the stick/baton spans five decades dating back to the early 1970s when he first entered the U.S. Army Military Police Academy. His book covers history, theories and science about the impact weapon, stress quick draws, using the closed expandable baton as a weapon, all single-hand and double-handed strikes, all single and double-handed blocks, both old-school and new military and police baton defensive tactics, skill drills, stick ground-fighting.

This book also includes a very special section on impact weapon retention covering everything from the carry site to use. Plus, it has over 40 stick takedowns starting from the head on down to the ankle. This is the complete guide to the use of the "stick" as a tactical tool. It does not detail stick-versus-stick as a Filipino martial arts weapons or course of study. This is a completely practical, tactical training and reference manual. The material focuses on tactics not on the martial artsy segment of this material. If you are interested in the art only, this is not the book for you. But if you are interested in tactics, strategies, history and application of impact weapons, this book was written for you. 203 pages. Nearly 1,000 photos. "There has never been a stick book like this before." - Hock

Get the oversize, color, hardcover, collegiate, collector's fav textbook get the over-sized black and white paperback. Find the drop-down menu on this page to make the selection. OR! Download the e-book version! Click here - Impact weapon combatives ebook!


"This is the best stick book I've ever seen." - Christof Froelich, Germany


"I bought this excellent book. Thanks for writing it! - Ray Purdy, Paris


"I would like to share my book review about the IMPACT WEAPON COMBATIVES with you - I studied your book in depth and I have to say, I like it very much, because it focuses not in stickfighting (stick versus stick) tournaments, but in real world application. I've trained for a long time in Filipino stickfighting, but your system suits my needs perfectly! I work and train very close with your book, and I see that it changed my whole view about impact weapons. Again, you left no stone unturned and it`s the MOST COMPLETE book I've ever seen on the market about impact weapons! You did a superb job; keep up the great work! I would recommend your impact weapon book to ANYONE, who is interested in REAL WORLD application! I look forward to training with you; thanks for everything." - Juan Obrecht, Vunak PFS and Dog Brothers Instructor: Zurich, Switzerland


"I have recently bought your footwork book, knife combative book and impact weapons book; all. may I add. are superb." - Ferah Zulfiqar