Book - Knife, Counter-Knife Combatives

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Knife/Counter-Knife Combatives
by W. Hock Hochheim
Knife vs. Hand, Stick, Knife and Gun Threats

Hardcover Textbook or save with an over-sized black and white paperback, or save even more with an ebook!

Hardcover textbook. Over 1,400+ how-to photos, from standing to the ground, from grip-to-grip, situations to scenarios, the most comprehensive knife book on combatives you will find anywhere, at any time! Training! Exercises! Tactics! How to Train! Plus True Military Knife Combat Stories!

Since 1996, each year, I've taught combatives in 40 cities in 10 allied countries and examined the performances of thousands of soldiers, police and citizens. I have been a paid consultant for The U.S. Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Marines. Plus, I am an avid, lifelong, obsessed student of crime, violence and military history. Through the years, all this has given me a certain unique perspective about edged-weapon combat, human learning and individual, athletic performance. Knife/Counter-Knife Combatives is extremely situational. It's chaotic, wet and ugly in a way few people, even most knife instructors, can ever imagine. It is often trained haphazardly and ignorantly with over-simplistic, dueling practice or endless, artsy, looping drills, or worse, totally ignored. Then, vital parts of it, such as knife ground fighting are often omitted, or treated like sporty, high school wrestling matches. (294 pages)

“As a police officer, both Military and in Texas, people have died in my hands, arms and before my eyes. As victims of the knife, I have had to investigate their woundings, maimings and deaths. I have arrested these attackers in the act or hunted them down afterward. I have been to dozens of intense Police, Assault and Violent Death Schools conducted by leading forensics specialists from around the world. “Military, police, martial arts and the aware citizenry - I am all of these things, yet none of these things. While each group knows things about fighting, survival, crime, war and violence, no one group captures the essence of knife combat in this mixed-weapon world, or matches it with fast-breaking, training psychologies, physical methodologies and cutting edge tactics and strategies. I bridge this gap. I assimilate and organize. We evolve to face the cunning criminal and the enemy soldier. Inside a continuum of weapons, we use the knife to save our life and our way of life." - Hock

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Keith Jennings of Chicago Combatives says: "This is the best knife book ever."

Mike Gillette of North Dakota, USA says: "No one out there is on Hock's bandwidth. No one. Hock's fighting skills and experience are obvious. But what is just as impressive is how he has taken a large body of practical combat knowledge and organized it. Hock provides the progression and structure that is missing from most fighting systems. And Hock doesn't just train you physically for survival, he trains you mentally as well. He probably has the best courses on the planet." -Mike Gillette - Homeland Security Consultant, former United Airlines and other commercial airlines Defensive Tactics Program Director, Former Police Chief, Training Director National Law Enforcement and Security Institute, Former U.S. Army Airborne, Former SWAT Commander, Former project manager, Institute for Security Services at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Geordie Lavers-McBain of the Gold Coast, Australia says: "I love this book, I own over 1,000 martial arts and combat books and this is one of the best books I have read! I constantly use this as a reference as well as Hock's book on Impact Weapons! I just hope one day he writes a textbook on his unarmed and his gun knowledge!"

Jethro Randolph of the United Kingdom says: "I've got a lot of books and this is THE standard reference on this subject. I've sought out some obscure titles and gleaned a couple of good nuggets of info from them but there's nothing else even close to the sheer amount of information contained here. Working through this material thoroughly plus the resulting experimentation would give many years of productive training. Just an outstanding piece of work."

Tyler Hall, Meridian Mississippi says: "I've got a decent library of such books, but this is the most comprehensive, detailed, informative and enjoyable that I own by a large margin, and I even got it signed by the man himself."