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Wolfpack publishing presents...

Be Bad Now
A Jumpin Jack Kellog Police Thriller
by Hock Hochheim (We only sell the author's cut here. Get the Wolfpack paperback or ebook on a great sale via Amazon)

In the 1980s, a lone Texas detective takes on the bastardized brotherhood of the Northeastern Mafia and Cowboy Mafia. In the 1980's a recession stampedes Texas. The oil industry dries up, laying high rollers low and sending the entire state of Texas into a tornado-like downspin. Northern mobsters invade these cracks in the Lone Star State. Their schemes: corruption, loan sharking, gambling, extortion, drug and human trafficking, and murder for hire -- all backed with strong arms swinging bats, psychos pointing guns, torture, violence and death. The city of West Forge, a stone's throw from Houston, is Sgt. Jumpin' Jack Kellog's town. And when organized crime seeps in, Kellog's brand of justice knows no bounds. He tracks, fights, kicks and shoots his way through conspiracies, threats, ambushes and showdowns. Pushed to near-madness by angst with informants inside his agency and lurking everywhere, Jack tackles the thugs, bosses, lawyers, politicians and businessmen on the mob payroll, in a battle that takes him from the swamps of Louisiana, to the ghettos of Houston, to casinos in Vegas and even through the Halls of Congress in Washington D.C. Can Kellog beat the Yankee Mafia? Beat the Cowboy Mafia? Their Crime Confederation? How bad is bad enough when you must Be Bad Now?

About the author: W. Hock Hochheim is a former U.S. Army investigator and patrolman, and Texas police investigator, patrol officer and a former private investigator. He currently owns and operates an international combatives training company and teaches in 11 allied countries around the world. He is the author of several fiction and non-fiction books and countless articles on policing, the military, street survival, close quarter combat and conflict psychology. He lives in Texas.

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"It was awesome!" - Mel Pardis, Iceland

"Great book Hock!" - Rodolfo Valdes, Argentina

"Great police story." - Dean Koontz, USA

"Great story." - Russell Gaudin, Canada

"Hock Hochheim writes like a banshee on speed...Terrific action, great characters, and maximum readability...Anyone want to Be Bad Now?" - Paul Bishop, CA

"I got it already! Great read! My father also loved this book." - Yuriy Kalistratov, Netherlands