Seminar - Jan 30-31 Manheim, TX Shooting In, Out and Around Cars

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W. Hock Hochheim and Karl Rehn's Team
Vehicle Combatives!
Shooting In, Out and Around Cars Seminar
KR Training, Manheim, TX (between Austin and Houston)

Cars, cars and cars! The "who, what, where, when, how and why" of shooting in, out and around cars! This is a very special training event with both live fire and simulated, interactive ammo, a combination of the top-training classes currently taught, to include the latest outlines on police vehicular ambushes, and the problems which also relate to citizens, as well as issues concerning hostile crowds and cars. Includes scenario based force-on-force.

9 am to 4 p.m. each day. Both days $300. Any single day $200. For all registration, contact Karl Rehn at

We have great instructors. We will be covering-
1) The Walmart Madness Exercise.
2) Drive-by Shooting Exercises -for the folks in cars and the folks being shot at.
3) Actually escaping car while being shot at.
4) Parking lot crime stats - We will collecting them right up to the date.
5) Car jackings situations from South Africa to here.
6) Review of protesters and passer-by cars.
7) "Who, What, Where, When , How and Why" car crimes.
8) Drawing weapons while car-seated.
9) Personal car shootings as experienced, or investigated. 10) Issues when a suspect jumps in your unlocked passenger side. 11) Intelligence and events on transporting prisoners.

Please bring at least 200 rounds of ammo!

Held at KR Training - 1166 County Road 145, Manheim, TX 78948 - Rated 5 based as "One of the best, if not the best, firearms training facilities in Texas.