Force Necessary: Stick – Impact Weapon Combatives


Stick Combatives – Stick Fighting  – Impact Weapon Combat . Riot Batons, Expandable Baton, Night Sticks, Axe Handles, Walking Canes, The Martial Stick

Situation-Based. Event-Driven. Combat-Scenario Based. Using only that force necessary to win and survive! Practical. Tactical. Innovative Stick Combatives. No Art. Just Tactics. Striking, Blocking and Grappling with an Impact Weapon. No promises. Just options to experiment with.

  • Stick vs. the Unarmed
  • Stick vs. the Stick
  • Stick vs. the Knife
  • Stick vs. Gun Threats

hock hochheim showing 2 handed stick grip

 Force Necessary: Stick! is a course of options with both a single-handed and double-handed, impact weapon program Impact grips are interchangeable while in combat. It covers single-handed grip and double-hand grip tactics and strategies. Hock teaches the grips in an integrated format because, as you train, you must be able to transition to both grips instantly as needed to maximize your survival against criminals and the enemy soldier.

 This Impact Weapon course is for martial artists, civilians, military and police looking for more than what is in their singular disciplines. Hock has discovered, after 40 years of research, training and experience that each group knows things about impact weaponry that the other groups do not know. Each can improve upon each other’s training. Hock has forged this hybrid course, like his other courses, to further this body of knowledge and training. This course stands alone and also represents one-fourth in a series of courses on Hand, Stick, Knife and Gun fighting.

If you want to learn more about the use of impact weapons, this is the course for you. It is developed for the seamless application of all single-handed and double-handed grip, impact weapon tactics in all ranges of standing, kneeling, and ground fighting, close quarter combat. Force Necessary: Stick! instructs the entire spectrum of conflict from concealed ambush and visual presence, blocks, attacks, crowd control on through to deadly force as legally needed.

This is a tactical course about YOU stick fighting, striking, blocking, grappling and ground fighting with your impact weapon against someone unarmed or armed with ANY weapon. This is not just about you fighting someone else with sticks as seen so often stick martial arts.  It’s about you, holding a “stick” and fighting an opponent who is unarmed, or armed with sticks, knives or guns.

 Stunning, Disarming, Grappling and Restraining. The primary reason you carry an expandable baton, even a straight stick, and have these tools in your home and car, is to protect yourself from a criminal’s hand strikes, kicks, or his charge, or to protect yourself from the incoming knife attack, or blow from a hard, rigid-type weapon such as another club, a chair, a long gun, or any other weapon.

In this Force Necessary: Stick! course you will learn:

  • Impact weapon strategies used by military and police to quell crime and conflicts
  • Impact weapon tactics and strategies to intimidate and disperse opposing personnel.
  • Expandable and fixed-straight stick stress quick draws.
  • Impact weapon tactics to control and contain opponents.
  • Application to bayonet tactics and strategies versus deadly threats.
  • Disarming sticks and rifles and their counters! Weapon retention to prevent disarming.
  • Filipino, Japanese, Asian, European and African stick vs. stick and stick vs. knife fighting.
  •  Unarmed tactics and strategies vs. SDMS attacks. Fight against stick, knife and gun attacks!
  • Use of force, legal issues, mental and physical preparation.

 The Impact Weapon study includes:

  • The martial arts stick or cane
  • The enforcement “nightstick”
  • The “side-handle” enforcement “nightstick” pros and cons
  • The walking and/or hiking cane
  • The tactical flashlight
  • The tactical, customized umbrella
  • The expandable baton
  • The riot baton
  • The rifle and the shotgun applications
  • The fixed bayonet applications

 The material finds its sources in: – Military, Law Enforcement, Security -International Martial Arts -Hybrid Research and Applications

The 10 LEVEL Training Progression In this martial course, you will learn command and mastery movements of the impact weapon, riot baton, block and strike drills, flow drills, disarming, weapon retention, control and contain methods, grappling, police, civilian and military-based combat scenarios, stick fighting, plus many other urban and rural survival tactics and strategies in long range, close quarters and ground fighting.

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 hock hochheim teaching marines knife combat stick combat

Hock teaching stick combat baton and riot control methods and tactical stick methods to hundreds of Force Recon, SOC (Special Ops capable) Marines at Camp Pendleton, CA. Hock is on platform to the left. During a period before 9-11, Hock made multiple trips to Marine bases in the USA to teach various combatives subjects.

hock hochheim teaching naval academy combat training Stick Combat


Here Hock teaches staff, students, invited martial artists, law enforcement at the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, shown here using rifle and tactics and riot baton techniques to disarm long gun kidnappings and threats. Prior to 9-11 new security measures, Hock taught combatives courses at the Naval Academy twice a year.

hock hochheim martial arts combat training Stick Combat



Hock teaches the very same military and police materials at seminars like here in this Tae Kwon Do school to martial artists and citizens.

Hock’s courses change and evolve through time to incorporate changes in learning styles, law enforcement agency requirements and additional training methods as they become available.  If you need information about current certification requirements for impact weapons, stick combat courses or riot baton training and how they relate to previous courses, contact Hock directly at