Is the Flag a Little Fuzzy? Or is it Your Eyeglasses?

Is the flag a little fuzzy? Or is it your eyeglasses?

Some ignorant and brainwashed people think that the US Constitution needs to disappear, needs to grow. But actually people need to grow into the Constitution.

I had the displeasure the other day of watching a townhall and witnessing a young white woman ask a loaded question about how racist the US Constitution was/is and how could any of the panel on stage support it. A conservative on the panel asked the ignorant girl where the racist words exactly were in the modern Constitution. Of course she could not supply any. The shallow concept was drummed into her in…schools. From people who dwell only in the empty half of the unfilled glass of water.

The fact is there are no racist words in the Constitution. Just consult with the frequent teachings of Dr Martin Luther King.  The ignorant child then added that the framers were all racist. Not so. Not all. And yet, they still packaged the evolved words of the best ideas of an evolved, smarter government. The frame. The frame. The frame of a theory, an evolution of humanity and attempts to remove mistakes of bad past histories. I have come to believe that the “person” the “individual” they ultimately worried about was a theoretic person. A symbolic individual versus bad monarchies, dictatorships, fascism communism or gang-rule. (Then, came the…tax thing.)

The negative list of humanity is long and medieval. The history of the world, of humanity is very much a terrible and horrible story. Medieval in fact. All the major cultures have at one time been extremely violent, with crimes upon humanity, vicious wars with mixed motives and torture, bizarre practices and rituals religious or otherwise, and chock full of slavery. Through time there have been blacks that enslaved and sold blacks, Muslims who enslaved other Muslims and blacks, American Indians who enslaved blacks, other Indians and captured whites, and white upon white slavery abounds through history. Roman slaves, Greek slaves, Irish slaves. South and Central American slaves. In fact the slave list is frighteningly long.  And slavery of many sorts still exist, such as sex trafficking and the manifestations of economic slavery.

The history of the world! The question is, how far back do you want to go in your revenge and hate? Do we want to go forward or back, back, back.  The world’s bad history is a lesson for the future. The lesson for this evolution.  And keep in mind, The USA is still a very young country in comparison, still crawling out of its own, unique, medieval time period. That’s no excuse. Just a sorry fact.

The view of the USA, the Constitution, our flag can look a little blurry and fuzzy to people with bias and ignorant eyeglasses. They project their ignorance and propaganda upon it. I project something different. I see the long slog of desperate humanity from ignorant, ancient coastal, tribes to a brighter and bright civilization. And, I see the Constitution as a way to do this. (Dr King did too.) Many believe as I do that this USA framework is the most realistic, evolved and best attempt, with built-in systems from the Constitution itself to correct almost all evolving problems. I like to think the proverbial glass is half-full. 

Is the flag a little fuzzy to you? Or is it your eyeglasses? Some people think that the US Constitution should disappear. Or that it needs to “grow.” But actually, humanity needs to grow…into the Constitution.


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