I would like to say real quickly that I think all patrol officers would absolutely love having social workers respond to any-and-all domestic disturbances, and medical people dispatched to any-and-all medical and mental issue cases. Hell, why not any-and-all traffic stops too while we’re at it!
We were thrilled in the 1970s when it became policy in our agency to dispatch ambulances to a variety of low-running medical type calls we use to get, such as helping an ENORMOUS woman stuck in a toilet seat, or an ENORMOUS man who rolled off his bed and could not get up. Stuff like that. I could go on and on. “Why are we doing THIS stuff?” we would ask. These types of calls were suddenly, officially deemed “medical” calls by “City Hall,” handled by EMTs, and we about had a police party on the PD parking lot, the day it was announced. Thank you reformers.
In the 1990s our county sheriff’s office developed a mental health unit to respond to those apparent “mental issue” problems. Most of the responders then were cross-trained cops and nurses. (This is a rare, rare breed person and they need to be paid more.) Fantastic for us! This is NOT a new idea! 1990s! But we’ll see how many today are so well crossed-trained (and paid), and sending in mental social workers only, hexing out the uniformed officers as reformers suggest – well – “boy howdy,” as we say in Texas – they better get ready for some surprises and problems. But go ahead and let them do it. Thank you reformers because crazy people are hard to deal with and we’d rather not.
Social workers to domestic disturbances? Such calls are top-ten killers of cops for decades. And needless to say, we all knew and know that it is impossible for a “working-stiff” patrol officer (many unmarried and young) to walk into a family disturbance and solve on the spot, problems with 5, 10, 15, 20 year marriages. It will be impossible for social workers too, but SWEET JESUS let them do it! Let THEM try. And not me! Not us! THANK YOU so much, reformers.
Traffic enforcement by citizens? Well, accidents can be investigated by citizens, as some crime scenes are handled already, for decades in some places. But traffic enforcement stops themselves can be very dangerous and such are top-ten killers for decades. No traffic police? A lot of people will not cooperate with police least of all with a new fleet of “official traffic citizens” with the simple issuance of traffic tickets. And by the way, a lot of illegal guns, drugs and related crimes are solved with traffic stops. That’ll be over when “Brad” and “Karen” start stopping cars. Maybe in Berkeley, California? I can think of many other locales where it won’t. But hey, let’s try it! And…thank you so very much. I wonder though, if a gang-guy shoots a cop in a traffic stop, it’s a big deal – if a gang-guy shoots civilian Brad or civilian Karen, will it be too?
I guess that people think that the simple absence of uniformed police – the whole cop show thing, the decked-out auto, militant vest, colors, patches, gun belt, tact pants, the whole show-up – is a major problem. White skin too. Won’t many of these new jobs have their own new, some-sort-of-uniforms to wear too. Maybe something the opposite? Peaceful in pink? Or like a Dairy Queen uniform? Or not?
With domestics and crazy people I have been spit on, bit, hair-pulled-out, punched at, kicked in the head, attacked by a small ax, by a big ax, a straight razor, a weird, long cable/pipe weapon with a Medusa head ball of bare metal wires at the end, a walking crutch…let’s see…that’s just off the top of my head this morning before coffee. I’ll stop here. I don’t want to dissuade reformation.
Good luck reformers. Godspeed! And I have to say, thank you, thank you, and thank you again.
(Oh, and I know that if the social workers get worried or scared they will call…the damnable cops in for backup.)
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