Your Head Might Explode?

(I thought I would add this here, from my response to a friend’s entry elsewhere about “what and why” they teach at their school)

It’s tricky – this school mission, as well as personal mission statement.

     The school – the school business needs to stay alive and offer many things. People have diverse interests and hobbies. I always say that no matter how important I think what I teach is…in the end, I am still but an obscure, organizer and administer of hobbies. People’s hobbies shift and change. You will be replaced by things like tennis.

     Otherwise on a personal “fighting” level, you can collect 15 different ways to do one thing. Like a collector. But, your head will eventually explode with all these flavored options. You will…as they say…”lose your way.” Or you can study the “15” things to find the best way to do that one thing. (or at times, construct the best thing from the “15 experience.”) Checkers, not chess.

     When constructing my Force Necessary program, the very name of the thing, begs the question, “If there is a “Force Necessary,” then there must be a “Force UN-necessary,” angle to it. This gave me a clear mission statement to work on. To search for the “15” things to find the 1 thing. So, you, I, can never stop searching for the better way, whether we are survivalists or hobbyists seeking fun and more fun. Or for just the physical exercise of it. We are standing out there on the floor learning new things.

     This “checkers from chess search” creates generic tenets and certain mandatories. We need a mature, experienced filter to sift through all this stuff, to ask those questions and determine,

“That won’t work.”
“That is just not necessary.”

     I will never ridicule someone’s hobbies, as long as they know what they are doing is a hobby. For example medieval sword fighting is not going to help a cop or citizen in an ambush. I pick extremes here, but there are martial arts/schools chock full of unnecessary things.

     One of my seasoned friends was at a martial fad/pop-star martial arts seminar recently, at a tomahawk session, and frustrated with all the razzle-dazzle shown, he asked the pop-star, 

“Why not just hit the guy in the head?
“Where’s the fun in that?” the pop star answered.

     And there you have it.


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