Walther P-22. A Mistake!

Impulse gun buy! Man! A mistake!

     I was nosing around a gun store, looking to handle and finger another Ruger LCR-22, hammerless, revolver. Many of my friends I know and trust, love their's. I want one. I just….want one. I was weaned on small revolvers, issued one as an Army investigator and I just like them. I will eventually get this Ruger revolver too. But, but, but…I also spotted the Walther P22 in the glass case. I want another thin, small, carry gun and this was thinner than the Ruger. (Yeah, yeah, 22, I know, but ! I have worked a few killings with .22s. Then too with numerous survivors. But 22s are no BBs.)

     "Let me hold that Walther," I asked the guy behind the counter.

     Now, in year's past, I have shot these "new," shapely ergonomic handguns, thinking I would just fall in love with their feel. But, I am also a boxy, old-school, pistol guy and I didn't care for the feel. Like a match-gun feel.

     This Walther had that ergo look I thought I would not like in my hand. But it felt great. Jeez..I…like a damn teen-ager…bought it. Impulse. New. It was on sale for only $289. Regularly, what? $380 or so?



     Next day, took it apart. Clean and oiled it up. Next day, shot it. Shot light, like a cap gun when it shot. Great groupings at reasonable distances when it shot…for what little time I had shooting it. Little time you ask? In the first 44 rounds it malfunctioned 5 times. Why stop at 44 rounds? The 44th shell got stuck and failed to eject from the barrel. An overall…cycling… problem.

     The guys at the gun club had a thin rod handy and we tapped out the empty shell. One guy there has the Walther P22, never had a problem and loves his?! (I used classic, Federal ammo, which should not be a problem.)

     Then, ass-backwards, too late, I went home, did some research on the gun. These malfunctions, feed and ejection problems are rampant with this model.

     The gun store said, they would take the gun back and ship it to Walther to "fix it." Huh? Well, I will have them "fix it," but, I need a gun I can count on, and between this experience and these numerous bad, reviews? My confidence is shaken. I am back on that little Ruger revolver again for a summer pocket gun, or whatever. I will get it back from Walther. I will shoot it, but…

     I have made an expensive, impulsive mistake. And now, you all also have another review on the Walther P22. Like a teen-ager in a bar, I brought home a looker who went bat-shit crazy the next morning.


Check out this video on the core problem from a gunsmith – Gun Torture Test.com on the Walther P-22

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