The Parable of the Wooden Gun

The Parable of the Wooden Gun

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     At seminars, police or others, I have seen a lot of "force-on-force" work-outs in the last 20-plus years, as that is about the time the term appeared. The majority of these have been with rubber guns. When it comes time to draw these rubber guns or when fighting over, or with, these rubber guns, and one person gets free of the other enough to successfully point and use the pistol at the other, these folks just freeze and look at each other. (Once in a while someone yells “bang!”) But they freeze. They act like the scenario is over, like the trigger pulling part and the wounding or killing part is over. It’s next – it is vital and important, but not practiced or done. I mean if the other guy is shot and wounded, or if receives a mortal shot, he can still shoot back. The fight is not over with the mere pointing of a rubber gun, or the rare shouting of the word “bang.”

I have often said to folks:

     “You like those rubber guns, huh?”


     “Hey, what would you think about wooden guns?”

     “Wooden guns?”

     “Yeah, using wooden guns shaped like your guns, or shaped like your rubber guns?”

     “I guess that would be okay.”

     “Now, what if I told you…what if I told you these wooden guns could shoot something? A safe something? Wouldn’t that be cool? You could do all the stuff you are already doing, and – you could shoot something and see if you could successfully, actually shoot the gun, hit your enemy while fighting, standing or on the ground. And multiple shots like a semi-auto. You wouldn’t have to stop when you pointed the gun. You could actually exercise pulling the trigger and aiming under stress, explore the next events. Anytime. Anyplace.”

     “I guess that would be smart. But we do that with Simunitions.”

     “How often?”

     “Oh, about once every two years.”

     “Two years?”

     “Sometimes more years than that. Some people never do it. ”

     “I know. Because you need special gear and a special place that won’t be destroyed by the Sims. Lots of set up and gear. Sometimes the setup and expense just pushes the work outs off and off. What if I told you could use these wooden guns – which cost about ten bucks each – anytime, anyplace, aiming, shooting with no safety gear, easy experimentation with moves and problems. You can get a lot done, safe, and cheap.”

I am talking about using wooden rubber band guns. 
I am not talking about giving up routine live fire. 
I am not talking about never using electric, gas or Sims again.
I am not saying throw away your rubber gun. It too has uses.
I am just talking about wood over rubber. 
I am talking about the easy, safe study of moves & shooting.
I am talking about more access to important experimentation.

You are already using rubber. 
Why not wood? 
Why not wood that shoots something?


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Some more random notes on this subject:

"In the 1990s I was laughed at and ridiculed. By about 2010 or so cops were buying a lot of these from me for training. Citizens too. Easy. Safe. Quick. Great for short realistic vignette experimentation, anywhere. Anytime."

"There is no doubt I settle for them because we can't be anywhere better, and use anything better. But that sadly, is most of the time. Sadly many places I go, with groups of 18 or more people or way more, not everyone has these guns, like the battery powered guns (and they break very easy.) I ask them to bring them- but they often "can't" or don't. Every week in fact. I am left with these."

"If you use gas? It can break windows, mirrors, chip paint and blow lights, etc. In a typical training day we do, In my seminars, you will probably be shot 40 to 60 or so times day as you work out with a partner in different situations. And close up. Battery powered guns will not damage the facilities (and will not hurt cars.) But, you still need some thick clothes and face protection. I am often stuck dealing with the environment I am stuck in. I do the best I can where ever I am to "move the ball" down field. Yes, we can do some "gun" anywhere."

"And as mentioned, Sims often costs agency time and money and a destructible training area, making easy access and easy training difficult, or for some unattainable. It is often just easier to go to the range and shoot live fire. And everyone doesn't even do that enough! Then with all these onstacles? No training gets done, as people "wait" for Sims day."

"For a message in this main thread – DO NOT let your custom fit holster stop you from doing this training. (I hear this complaint or excuse). Just get a real cheap "ol bucket," universal holster for this type of training. Its just training, with bigger interactive goals about movements and fighting, and many skills more important than how exactly how tour replica pistol fits perfectly snug your custom fit holster. Rubber training guns don't always fit into your custom fit holster. Yet people have persevered for decades with rubber gun training."

"In a perfect world, we would live in a wonderland of Simunitions and live fire, of buildings, cars, etc., supporting each other in crafted unison. Show me where that is? Daily, weekly or cheaply? We are left with what we are left with. Where ever we are. Lets move the ball downfield every chance we get."

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