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Unarmed Combat Training for Citizens, Soldiers, Martial Artists and Law Enforcement

Situation-Based Combat. Event-Driven Self-Defense. Combat-Scenario Based.

  • Hand vs. Hand
  • Hand vs. Stick
  • Hand vs. Knife
  • Hand vs. Gun Threats
  • The Stop 6

"In Unarmed Combat, my central focus is urban, suburban, rural and battlefield fighting winning, survival and self-defense, based upon military and police defensive tactics and the best of martial arts – bridging this gap" between all of these systems.

I believe in the seamless application of all good tactics in all ranges of combat – standing, kneeling and prone. I don't consider myself a martial arts instructor. I am more of a friendly drill sergeant, or police academy instructor teaching you real-world survival skills in a mixed weapon, mixed-person world." — Hock

This Hand to Hand Combat Training Course covers mentality, strategies and tactics in hand vs. hand, hand vs. knife, hand vs. stick, and hand vs. gun threats. Level 1 (beginner) thru Level 10 (which is a Black Belt – see requirements listed below), taught in approximately 40 training modules. The first nine levels prepare you for the 10th level which is a performance of some 200 combat scenarios in all ranges of standing, kneeling and prone reality combat.

We will often recognize your blood, sweat, tears and martial time in other systems and kick-start people into an appropriate rank for them, providing Hock is familiar with your other systems and has seen you perform in classes and at seminars. (Click on "Instructor" button for info about instructors in your area.)

I will never tell you how to fight. That is up to you, based on your size, your strength, your age and other personal specs. You learn these universal self defense, hand to hand combat training moves, exercise them and select your favorites.

In these Self-Defense Hand to Hand Combat videos you will learn:

  • . Vital, life-saving conversions of classical and traditional martial art techniques over to reality fighting.
    .  Self-Defense Hand to Hand Combat, dirty tricks and strategies that clean-cut, rule-following police and martial artists won't usually know.
    . Hundreds of skill, power and fighting savvy developing drills that police and soldiers won't usually know.
    . Hundreds of street survival strategies & techniques, that martial artists/soldiers won't usually know.
    . Non-classical, non-traditional, no katas, no sports, no kids, no contracts, no uniforms.
    . Rank certification and instructorships are available, or just simply train for knowledge!
    . Learn the tactics/plans of criminals and enemy soldiers, how they will ambush you and fight you.

The Force Necessary: Hand! Unarmed Combat Training Videos (Organized in Modules)

These self-defense combat training videos (they also teach offensive tactics) consist of strikes, kicks, cranks, invading entries, takedowns, throws in standing, kneeling and ground combat scenarios, with and against empty hands, or modern weapons like sticks, knives and guns. All supported by skill developing drills. This is perhaps like a college course of fighting. The first three levels are designed to be the basic self-defense crash course.

You can learn more about this program, watch videos now, order dvds, books or even schedule seminar attendance at: SHOP SELF-DEFENSE PRODUCTS

The Scientific Fighting Congress:  UC Strike and Counter-Strike Modules (Used standing, seated, kneeling and on the ground)

  • Phase 1 The Finger Attacks Module
  • Phase 2 The Palm Strike Module
  • Phase 3 The Forearm Strike Module
  • Phase 4 The Hammer Fist Module
  • Phase 5 The Punch/Counter-Punch Strike Module
  • Phase 6 The Elbow Strike Module
  • Phase 7 The Body Ram Module
  • Phase 8 The Head Butt (limited-use of) and Crown Crusher Module
  • Phase 9 The Unarmed versus the Knife and Stick Modules
  • Phase 10 The Combat Scenario Performance Module

The Scientific Fighting Congress: UC Kick and Counters Modules (Used standing, seated, kneeling and on the ground)

  • Phase 1 The Frontal Snap Kick Module
  • Phase 2 The Stomp Kick Module
  • Phase 3 The Knee Strike/Kick Module
  • Phase 4 The Rear Leg Round Kick Module
  • Phase 5 The Front Leg Hook Kick Module
  • Phase 6 The Mule Kick/Back Kick Module
  • Phase 7 The Side Kick Module
  • Phase 8 The Thrust Kick Module
  • Phase 9 Counters to Kicks
  • Phase 10 The Combat Scenario Performance Module

The Scientific Fighting Congress: UC Takedown and Throw and Counters Modules

  • Phase 1 Takedown Overview
  • Phase 2 The Circular Takedowns Module
  • Phase 3 The Rear Takedowns Module
  • Phase 4 The "Arms Race" Arm Takedowns Module
  • Phase 5 The Front Takedowns Module
  • Phase 6 The Neck Attack Takedowns Module
  • Phase 7 The Push/Pull Takedowns Module
  • Phase 8 The Tackle Takedowns Module
  • Phase 9 The Unarmed vs. Firearm Threats, versus the Knife and versus the Stick Modules
  • Phase 10 The Combat Scenario Performance Module

The above groups cover the Unarmed Combative progression. In order to maximize your survival in knife, impact weapons and CQC firearms, one must train in unarmed combatives as a foundation. All Unarmed Combatives books, DVDS, video downloads and manuals for the course available at: Unarmed Combatives Books Videos and Downloads and Outlines


Some of Hock's SFC Mottos since 1994:

  • "Cheat first, cheat last, cheat in the middle."
  • "Fighting first! Systems second!"
  • "Expect Chaos! Train in Chaos! Thrive in Chaos!"
  • "Train the Beast! Do Not Tame the Beast!"
  • "We are combat-scenario driven training program."
  • "Under stress, we fall back to our repetition training, rarely if ever do we rise to our expectations.
  • They give medals to people who rise to their expectations, that's how rarely it happens!"
  • "If you find yourself in a fair fight, you just didn't prepare well enough."
  • "Fighting is less like chess and more like checkers."
  • Interested in becoming an instructor?

  Information about requirements, organization and fees for instructorship available on the Scientific Fighting Congress Instructors page.

Hock's courses change and evolve through time to incorporate changes in learning styles, law enforcement agency requirements and additional training methods as they become available.  If you need information about current certification requirements for this course and how they relate to previous courses, contact Hock directly at HockHochheim@ForceNecessary.com

The Black Belt, Level 10 Test


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