Hock Hochheim Seminars

W. Hock Hochheim FN Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun Seminars

“I have been training for 25+ years and teaching for more than 15. Hock’s practical training is not full of fluff, ego and satire like a lot of other training I have attended. The concepts he teaches make sense and are easy to apply no matter what your background or experience is. He is a charismatic, humble coach/Instructor with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I can’t wait to train with him again and would highly recommend his courses.” –  Military and police vet Jason Reel, Texas, USA

“Just finished a weekend seminar with Mr. Hock Hochheim. What a wealth of information and training techniques all delivered with humble good humor. His experiences as a cop, decades of training as a martial artist, and copious research as an author on the subject affirms the truth.”  Jeff Locke, Professional Airline Pilot, Martial Artist and 2nd Amendment Supporter, Texas, USA

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____ AUGUST  2019

August 10 thru 25  Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Australia


____SEPTEMBER 2019 

September 14, 15 Nashville, TN Gun and Knife, Royal Range

September, 21, 22 Denver, CO


____OCTOBER 2019 

October 4-6 Central Hungary

October 12, 13 Sapporo, Japan

October 26, 27 Kokomo/North of Indianapolis, IN



November 16, 17 Bamburg Germany

November 12-14 Milan, Italy

November 9, 10  Gothenberg, Sweden


_______DECEMBER 2019

December 7, 8  Houston/Webster, Texas


_______2020 SEMINARS

January, 2020 Giddings, TX (between Houston and Austin) 

February 28- 1 March, 2020 Nashville, TN

February 2020  Chickasha, Oklahoma

March 2020  Stroud/Gloucestershire, England

March 2020 Bases and Cities in Northern Italy

March 2020, Germany (near Hanover)

April 2020 Cincinnati, OH/Kentucky Border 

May 2020 Boston/Salem, MA

May 2020 Abilene, TX

June 2020,  Antwerp, Belgium

June 2020 Kansas City, MO

June 2020 HockessinDelaware