Unsolicited Recommendations for Hock Hochheim


 "It's clear by Hock's presentation style that the man has been teaching for years and has heard all the questions and challenges…as a result, his material is crammed with solid information that saves lives. This is why he's sought after by police agencies and military people around the globe… and I'm happy to have Hock's material in my repertoire." – Loren Christensen, former Vietnam Military Police vet, Law Enforcement (RET) author and renown self defense instructor




"When asked about how Hock compares to other systems and martial arts, I tell them that all of Hock's hand, stick, knife and gun courses are "Y2K Compliant!" That means modern. The latest. The smartest. Innovative. Best organized. We are one of many police agencies around the world that have him in to learn real street, combat survival fighting and tactics from a 'been-there, done-that, veteran cop's perspective." — Police LT. Dennis Davidson, WI, Year 2000




 "Hock, It was great seeing you again! You simply amaze me with your practical, organizational ability. I like how you once described it, "thorough." You have an encyclopedic knowledge, but you are able to share it in an easily digestible and easy to remember, manner. It is, in my opinion, the best system out there, bar none. Hope to see you whenever you're in the vicinity." Ron Goin, veteran trainer and lifelong martial artist, Kentucky




 "Hello Hock, I wanted to forward a resounding assessment from the guys in my training group regarding your material. Many of them have echoed my disappointment with a number of other self-defense systems that embrace an esoteric and/or unorganized approach to teaching their system. Among the many things that they praise about your system is its curriculum/modular based approach to instruction. Most of my students in the health care/professional setting are just 'wired' for your approach to instruction. The type of students to which I cater tend to learn best in an 'academic' setting. You have brought the excellence of 'academics' back to the area of martial arts instruction. Just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to learn from your expertise in reality based self defense. All the best. " — Dr. Miklos (Nick) Major, M.D.



 "Impressed with all you are doing. I would recommend you and your courses to anyone needing combat training." — SEAL Vet Harry Constance, US Navy (Ret.) Author of Good to Go








 "I've attended and hosted martial arts and self-defense seminars for over 20 years now, and Hock's definitely rank among the best of them all! You learn a lot of combative, no-nonsense fighting skills and tactics at his seminars – and everything is taught in a very pedagogical/progressive, exciting and entertaining way, and you can also have a lot of fun! Simply put, Hock teaches combat  – not some obsolete medieval fighting art, classical, traditional fighting, dueling or sports fighting in spandex. I particularly like the simplicity, realism and street effectiveness of everything in his system – something that also seems to be appreciated by the law enforcement and security people attending his seminars here in Sweden. If you're looking for a very well-structured and integrated fighting system that covers all major aspects of combat  – unarmed, sticks, knives and guns – I highly recommend Hock Hochheim and the Scientific Fighting Congress. Five stars out of five!" — Fabian Tell, Stockholm CQC



Sharon2  “I started my training in the Martial Arts in 1978 and I'm working in the security and military field from 1988, I must recognize Hock Hochheim as one of the few instructors who really impressed me with the knowledge, training methodology and mentality, always looking for the best information to transmit in his courses, really amazing. I trained in many countries and I met instructors with different backgrounds but Hock is special guy. I highly recommend his courses to everybody, police, military, security or martial arts students in general terms, if you have an open mind, his method will change your concepts about what works and what is bullshit. The honor is for me to meet a professional like Hock, is not only your wide knowledge, is your training methodology and charismatic figure what people loves…for this reason I will recommend your courses to everybody, and will be second time in my life I will endorse anybody.”

– David Sharon, Spain





 "Hock – great stuff. Thank you for your brave service to our country." — Colonel David Hackworth, U.S. Army (Ret.) Once, the most highly decorated soldier in the US Army



"Stay safe, Hock and continue to do the fine work that the profession recognizes you for." — W. E. Burroughs, Executive Director, 25 year vet, Calibre Press and LETN (Law Enforcement Training Network)


  "Your instruction was second to none. After being a student of the martial arts for the last 11 years and a law enforcement officer for the last 17 years, I agree completely with your psychology on fighting. " — Jim Carter, Cook County Sheriff's Office



"I have more than 25 years experience in martial art's and 15 years in competitive pistol shooting. I learned more REAL WORLD applications with Hock in two days than I have previously learned with the so-called other experts in the last 20 years." Thanks, Hock! — Tony Felosi, Legion Fitness, KY. USA


"For self defense / combatives an experienced teacher is crucial. There are far too many arm chair warriors, wannabes and fakes trying to make a buck out there. Unfortunately, most of the people with real fight experience are dead or criminals. Finding someone alive with enough brain matter left to understand what the lesson was in what happened is no easy task. Myself, I try to look to LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers), military (the older the better) and the few martial arts styles I can still respect. Hock fills all those categories. My favorite part of the seminar was Hock himself. I would pay the same price just to hear him tell stories all weekend. He has a big personality, a sick sense of humor, and he does not hold much back on his opinions."  Jeff Burger, Thai and BJJ champ, Boston, MA



"Anything by Hock is worth having. He has a wealth of knowledge. I've always enjoyed how he "goes with the flow" in his seminars. They are always great!" JKD's Tim Tackett





 "Yours was the most REALISTIC seminar I've ever experienced and with the REAL stories. I loved it! Your system is something I want more on." Jane Dawson, General Manager of Krav Milwaukee, WI.




"I work as a police officer in a county called Västmanland in the middle of Sweden (150 km from Stockholm). One of my interests is martial arts. I practice, karate (Wado Ryu) and Ju-Jitsu. In the police force I spend a lot of time as a self defense and tactical instructor. Your seminar was great for me, and I have learned and discovered a lot of great things that I can use as a instructor in the police force. Thank you very much for one of the best seminars I have experienced. I hope that you return to Sweden for some more seminars." — Anton Breznik, police officer


 "Look no more. I have searched for the truth in fighting, in combat, for years. I have been waiting for a guy like Hock and system like Hock's. I am telling you, look no more!" — Trent Suzuki, Black Belt Sa-Bom, Savate Champion, Certified Instructor in Kick Boxing, Grappling, Kali/Jeet Kune Do Instructor, Thai champ, San Diego, CA


 "These are just a few short lines to thank you Hock, for the time and effort that you expended on behalf of my colleagues when you came to the Hendon Police Academy last week. The officers who attended came from a wide background of training from across the Great Britain's and London Metropolitan Police service, officer safety, public order and specialist firearms instructors, all of whom were able to take something away. Everyone present found the seminar of great interest and thoroughly enjoyed their time with you.The instruction you gave in ground defense and defense against the knife or pistol-armed subjects, and the pistol stress quick draws provided insights into area of doctrine that need development. A big thank you." — Inspector R. Blackburn, London Metropolitan Police



Robert Macleod

"Thank you for sharing so freely your wealth of experience, knowledge, and great stories. I had a great time (and it did not even hurt that much.) It was a real pleasure to meet you. I learned a lot. And, I hope to be able to attend another seminar with you in the future. I really like your pedagogical style and even though I can not adapt much of your curriculum directly to my context of teaching HEMA, I am definitely going to try and adapt some of my own “drills” into “exercises” more along the lines of your teaching style. Your wealth of experience has clearly allowed you to distil a complex set of teachings down into as simple and direct a way of building real skills as possible. Also, as someone who loves language, I would like to say I really appreciate the effort you put into being precise in the way you communicate ideas and the effort you put into being clear and consistent. Only someone who has seen every possible version of ‘I don’t get it’ can be that effective at getting complex ideas across so clearly." – Robert Macleod- Ironwood Sword School, Kingston/Toronto, Canada



"Hock is fascinating and full of great, life-saving information!" — G. Gordon Liddy



"Hey Hock, How's it going? I'm at the end of one of two days of a big Guru ________ seminar. Had an absolute blast…but now I can barely remember a single thing. Thank you for making a system that's as simple, straight forward, logical, and progressional as your Congress. I take it for granted sometimes until I am reminded I can either memorize the 27 techniques of ________ (insert foreign-sounding drill name here), both inside and outside variations, plus the advanced 13 extensions, or just do your simple, easy-to-remember four positions on the Combat Clock and cover it all. Every bit. " — Don Young, Black Belt Michigan


 "My Marine unit at 29 Palms had a day training session with Hock in 2003 and I think to this day it's still one of the best defense training classes I've had. The man kept things real and in perspective, which is more than I can say for other training I've attended. I took a brief break from law enforcement, but I'm headed back into it. And as soon as my credibility is up to snuff in my new unit I will be suggesting we attend more Hock seminars."— Stephen.L. Clogston, USMC


"Hock Hochheim is entertaining as he is knowledgeable. As a Martial Arts instructor as well as a University Professor, his teaching methodology is top notch. Don't miss any opportunity with him being this close." – Chris LaCava, owner of LacCava Martial Arts and LaCava Acupuncture in CN. USA



Shawn 1

"…all you folks who do security and law enforcement for a living, and for martial artists that want some real world content. I highly recomend training with this guy. Yes the martial arts are good, but you just cant beat the context, the stories and the real life experience that Hock brings to the training floor!" – Shawn Zirger, Fighting Arts Collective. Toronto, Canada



"I want you to know that during my Pendleton tour, one of our biggest highlights was bringing you down to share your infinite knowledge and wisdom with my Marines. Semper Fi!" — US Marine Captain Maceo Franks

"People like me will always understand and greatly appreciate what you've done. I am most definitely in better hands with you. Finding you has been a wish come true as it seems near impossible these days to find a truly complete, realistic, and evolving knife combatives system along with an unparalleled instructor in charge of such a system. It's like finding a diamond in the rough." – "NavySpecWarfare"


 "Hock is a retired patrolman and detective. He gears his police judo training to LEO's and soldiers. He will differentiate the finish for every technique based on YOUR individual needs. He shows a comprehensive game, start to finish, for police in accordance with a proper Use of Force continuum, and then take the technique and show the end game option available to the soldier. He trains police forces all over the world, i.e. England, Germany, Australia and Scandinavian. In all honesty, his training has been the most applicable and pertinent to law enforcement that I have ever been through – And I have been through damn near all of them. There are guys out there who have NEVER worn a badge, slinging their snake-oil "gospel" and police administrators are slobbering all over these guys, to buy into it. Not so with Hock. Those who know better realize that he has a proven method that works in the realm of law enforcement. I don't receive dime-one for endorsing and recommending his training; I would be negligent as a Federal Defensive Tactics Instructor if I didn't give you the best of my knowledge. Department of Homeland Security and FLETC – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center sent me and paid for it. And FLETC is the Agency that USFWS bases its Use of Force policy on or we wouldn't be training you guys." —  Greg S. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Georgia

    "Thanks again Hock for your inspiring training methods and hardcore reality methods. I do all I can to "keep things REAL" in my own training as much as possible. I am loving more and more your whole approach of brutal simplicity, and less is more." Duncan Arlie James, Scotland's only K-1 Champion



 "I have learned more in three hours with Hock this morning before lunch about real fighting than I have in the last 5 years. A great seminar." — Rich Shopin, Black Belt, AK


 "I can only repeat what I said at the seminar: that my work with law enforcement has been the high point of my professional life and any contribution I have made has been returned many fold by being able to associate with outstanding people like yourself, Hock. The mission we share can't be topped in importance, in my opinion. Best wishes always." — Chuck Remsberg, Author of the Tactical Edge, Blood Lessons and a true pioneer in modern police training

 "Hock, Just wanted to write and say thanks for the training Saturday (03/24/07). I have been in law enforcement for 15 years. I attended the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy initially and numerous officer survivor seminars since. A few years ago I attended the Federal Academy (FLETC). One of the instructors told me about you. I then became an ardent reader and follower of your articles and training philosophies. I must say that your seminar was by far the best practical/tactical training in which I have ever been exposed. Of course I was your stunt man for the day therefore, I had a first hand experience of being whooped by you all day. It was great…to say the least. I believe the majority of law enforcement officers training is extremely deficient and not at all a reality. One only needs to remember the last so called tussle or fight he was in and then compare it to his training. If he/she is honest with themselves they will recognize the deficiency and seek out better more realistic avenues. My suggestion to them all and any who ask from now on is, Hock Hochheim's Scientific Fighting Congress ." — Tim Dennis U.S. TVA Police Middle TN.

 "Dear Hock, just wanted to say thanks again for putting on a spectacular seminar. I can't speak highly enough of your skill and expertise in the area of close quarter combat. It was an honor to host you, and I am looking forwarded to having you back in S/E Michigan to teach again. You are a true WARRIOR and consummate professional. The (SWAT) Michigan Tactical Officers Association would strongly recommend anyone looking for an instructor in the areas of close quarter combat to book you for a seminar. Thanks again, stay safe and train hard." — Chris Periatt executive board secretary, Michigan Tactical Officers Association

 "Hock, I hope you continue to do what you do. Best fight training I ever had, anywhere." — Steven Sybert, military veteran, military consultant and martial artist, MO


"The first time I worked with you personally, it surpassed all my expectations. As a teacher and black belt in Kenpo street fighting, I have experienced a myriad of cross training as well as teachers. By far, you are the best over them all. Your "fighting first-systems second" concept and approach greatly helped to bridge the gap between the many facets of our training. Please continue teaching for you are an inspiration to many. I cannot wait to train with you again." — Steven Kern, Kenpo Black Belt, San Antonio, TX


quinn 1


"All Hock's stuff is well worth reading and studying, and then internalizing." – Peyton Quinn





"Hock's SFC is the real deal… I have trained with him since the 90s and will continue as long as I am above ground… The man has things you don't even know exist…and continues to learn and pass on the knowledge. You need to train with Hock… Nuff said! — Dean Goldade, the DEAN of Kajukenbo, Georgetown, TX


 "No one is out there on Hock's bandwidth. No one. Hock's fighting skills and experience are obvious. But what is just as impressive is how he has taken a large body of practical combat knowledge and organized it. Hock provides the progression and structure that is missing from most fighting systems. And Hock doesn't just train you physically for survival, he trains you mentally as well. He probably has the best courses on the planet." — Mike Gillette, Homeland Security consultant, former United Airlines and other commercial airlines defensive tactics program director, former police chief, training director NLSI, former U.S. Army airborne, former SWAT commander, former project manager, Institute for Security Services at then University of Nevada, Las Vegas, former general manager for Progressive Fighting Concepts, Guinness Book of World Records holder and performance trainer.


  "The skills I have learned from you have saved not only myself but my partners on the ambulance service that I work with and the students in the classes I assist in teaching in Columbia, Mo. Keep up the good work and thanks." — Timothy R. Bradley tactical E.M.T., Miller County Ambulance / CQCG



"Hock, while some folks may think you are just a jock, I recognize you as a tactical scholar! Keep up the great work." Ron Borsch, Director of the SEALE Police Academy, Ohio


"I had to thank you again for the fantastic seminar and training. Marc Halleck (JKD Concepts Instructor) and I were amazed how good you are, your ability, as well as your presentation." — E. Depp, JKD, Silat and  Arnis Black Belt North Shore Academy, Libertyville, IL



"On behalf of our group in South Africa, that attended your excellent and most probably one of the best CQC courses we have ever attended, we want to thank you for taking time out and coming to our country to share your knowledge with us." — Japie Cilliers, South Africa


   "Hock as always was an infinite well of combatives knowledge peppered by his always fascinating personal stories that I always look forward to hearing. Jessie Murrieta, SERT Instructor, Arizona



   "Thank you Hock Hochheim for a great seminar on the weekend. I am amazed at the absence of so many so called 'reality instructors' to the opportunity to train with someone of Hock's caliber." — Mo Teague, Hard Target, United Kingdom


 "I have seen him in close-quarter combat. I want police, martial artists, soldiers and citizens to learn this!" D. Colon, Jujitsu Black Belt and DEA

 "…just to let you know, it was an honor and pleasure training with you and other students last weekend. As a result, this seminar has opened my eyes to even broader horizons. I feel I have increased my abilities up to about 40-60 percent. I especially loved the CQC shooting techniques that had not been taught in my previous military, police and government training." — Jay Rubis, US Military


 "Hock is, simply put, the best resource for counter-knife skills I've seen. Hock is one of the really, really smart and realistic people in the field." — Ralph Mroz / Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine


"I have been in the martial arts for 25 years now, and I have been fortunate to train with some of the best! Hock is one of the best TEACHERS I have seen! He has the uncanny ability to teach complicated things in a almost elementary breakdown and explanation! Billy Brown, TN


  "Just when I think it's safe, you continue to rock my world with each video and seminar. You truly capture the Einstein quote of "Keep it simple, but not too simple." Your charismatic personality combined with your combat savvy shines through, showcasing your deep qualities of a master as well as "an-in-the-trenches" practitioner. Thanks for your continued inspiration. It keeps me going strong!" — Joe Hubbard, London, England



  "Hock, thanks for the fantastic seminars in Johannesburg and thanks for teaching at our one national police academy. It was a real eye-opener and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The police special task forces were also impressed as well. I will be seeing them soon to introduce more of your material. You also made a big impression with the military guys from South African Special Forces. South Africa is looking forward to next year's seminar with great anticipation." — Mark Eekhof, Director of Global Security, former law enforcement, Johannesburg, South Africa


  "Practicing Hock's material, with a committed partner will no doubt, give you an advantage over 90 percent of the thugs on the street." — Steve Dick, Chief Editor Tactical Knife Magazine. (Listed in Tactical Knives as one of the top 10 knife instructors in the world. )


 "It didn't take the Marines long to get Hock into Quantico to teach in the Marine "Train-the-Trainers" Instructor's course. He is a cut above the other paid consultants. Hock's courses are the best, and I have been in the martial arts and Marines for many years." — Staff Sgt John Castallon, US Marine Corp

  "Mr. Hochheim, thank you again for a fabulous seminar. Your habit is to offer complex material in a manner that helps to cement it quickly. Also, your "hell-bent-on-reality" perspective is second to none. You are perhaps the most creative, assiduous thinker of individual martial tactics anywhere." — Marc Richard, Black Belt, Casper, WY


 "Hock's programs are second to none." — J erry VanCook, ex-cop, author of more than 47 action adventure titles, published in Black Belt, Tactical Knives, Guns and Weapons as well as books Going Undercover and Real World Self Defense.





 "Hock, I've had a ridiculous number of inquiries to teach your courses. It's crazy! I'm spending a greater amount of time responding to e-mail inquiries than I ever have. Thanks! Appreciate all you do. Jeff "Rawhide" Laun, SF Congress Instructor, police officer, Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex area, TX 


  "I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your New York City seminars. Terrific! Packed with good, useful information. You don't just know the information, you know how to present it too. You exposed us to more in two days of training than many people get out of two years with some instructors. You "cut right to the meat" so to speak." — Eric Girolamo, Merrick, New York


"Hock totally hits the nail on the head with his logic and views on real-world combat." — Prof. Leonard Holifield, PHD, former chief combatives instructor for the US Army from 1988 to 1997 (Retired)

  "I hope you remember me, we spoke last year about my research on martial arts and especially on self-defense, reality vs. theory for a large sports product company. I am writing today to let you know that after three years of research and after talking to 3,212 martial artists from various countries, we (as in myself and the committee of supervisors for the research) decided to proceed with a formal ranking of all those martial art instructors in terms of reality self- protection, efficiency in combat and so on. I am glad to tell you that yourself and your organization came 1st and, as a matter of fact, that decision was unanimous. I am not telling you this in order to make a compliment because I have no need or any interest to flatter you or make compliments. This was simply based on facts. Your students and the instructors under your guidance should seriously feel lucky and privileged to gain such knowledge, and I sincerely hope that your organization (The Congress) grows stronger and stronger. As the research goes on, I have realized that only by strengthening organizations such as yours, will lead to the elimination of all those so-called self-defense experts that I call "pajama party martial artists" or "weekend warriors." So focus on strengthening your organization to the MAXIMUM in all aspects including the financial so that you will be in a position to eliminate (market-wise) all these characters that unfortunately claim to be masters. Anyway, I will contact you again in the near future. Take care and regards," — Peter Knowles, United Kingdom

  "Just a little note to say thanks. I'm a police officer and defensive tactics instructor. I'm also a student of the martial arts. You and your magazine are a breath of fresh air, and a "Maglight" in the darkness. Please continue with your work and the education of my profession as well as the general citizenry." — Keith L. Collins Bedford, Ohio Police Department


"The officers told me that they learned more from you the first day than they have in years and years of training." Commander Don Davis, La Paz Sheriff's office, CA.




 "Hock is a recognized world authority." — John Pellegrini, International Combat Hapkido Federation



 "I have extensive training in military combatives and unconventional warfare operations. Hock has the same methods, same frame and goal when it comes to modern day survival in our surroundings." — Drill Sergeant Tai Lun, US Army



 "Hock…glad to have been under your teaching. Your experience and knowledge are amazing. And even more powerful is your ability to teach! Some guys know a lot but couldn't teach their way out of wet paper bag…thanks again!" Charlton Clarke, Psychologist, Colorado Springs, CO


 "Mr. Hochheim's knife tactics are absolutely world-class," — Chris McKinley, CQC consultant, United States Special Operations Command


"His creative innovations, his intelligent blending of Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and "American" techniques has created a "Hock Hochheim" style of combat martial arts. He is one of the most important martial artists on the scene today." — Professor Joe Lansdale Grandmaster of Shen Chuan & 5th Dan Aiki-Jitsu Black Belt




"I truly appreciate your approach to teaching, especially your open mind and quest for reality!" Good luck to you!" — Burton Richardson, JKD Unlimited, Hawaii


   "All men may be created equal but some choose to train with Hock Hochheim. Glad I am one. Today, I once again faced an angry armed man with intent to kill me. Tonight, I am home safe and unharmed. Thank you Hock for teaching your fighting system, it has saved me more than once. Keep up the good fight. — K. Purvis, professional contractor


 "Hock is very, very good!" –Professor Remy Presas

(Hock and the great Professor, 1992)



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