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judge-asleep-hock-self-defenseThree Tests of Self Defense Everyone Should Understand

"…and go with a very realistic addendum to the subject I use to explain the ugliness to people. This three-filter observation fits well in the American system and abstractly in the legal systems of other countries…" Click here on the title for the article.

argue Martial Communication: Your Classes Should be Noisey

"…a conflict ensues. You are either a main subject of it, or a citizen, police officer or military personnel trying to mediate, break up or end the problem. You start out really well with…" Click here or on the title above for the article.


dirty-harry-crap  The Tactical Crap

 No, this isn't about all kinds of crap that is tactical. This is about taking the tactical crap. Seriously! Well…not too seriously…Click here or on the above title for the article.



tactical-breathing-hock-hochheim  Tactical Breathing

"…strip all of this out for the biological truth. The generic core. All medical and psychological experts agree that there is one common thread to counter and contain some of the anguish of anger, pain and fear. Breathing!…" Click here or on the above title for the essay.


conflict-in-bars-hock-hochheim  What Really is "Winning," Which Fight?

    "So, must you ever and always stand your ground, outnumbered or under-gunned in the jungle or surrounded in the street to stay and win, win, WIN! As so many modern “Win Instructors" declare you must? As they pound this into your psyche with their winning macho courses? No. I think…" Click here on on the above title for more.


 combatives-black-belt-test-hock-list-article-Hock's Unarmed Combative Black Belt Test

  The Level 10, Black Belt for the unarmed course."…we also call it the "Black Belt Test" for the reasons explained in the attached essay. It is our Force Necessary: Hand! Level 10 test. Here is the list of requirements and some of reasons for them. Click here or on the above title for more.


hock-gun-fighting-training-vegas  What's Not Real About Simmulated Ammo Training?

  "Since 1995 or so, I have used any tool I can get my hands on to develop some interactive combat shooting awareness and skills. Many if not most times, I am stuck inside the confines of training room or a martial arts school, a hotel business meeting room, academy class, public." Click here or on the above title for more.


cupped-hand-palm-strike-wwII-combatives  The Simple Military Ear Palm Strike: Flatter Palm or Curved Suction Cup?

   "Ninety-nine percent of the time, I think the primary goal is smacking the head and splashing the brain. I say take a pass on the extra, canoe-shaped, suction-cup, hand config and use the flatter palm. The flatter, only slightly naturally curved hand will blast…" Click here or on the above title for more.

jacketNormal? Abnormal? Hey, What's Wrong With This Picture?

   "Oh! Ahhh, okay," the populace says, your squad says, your family says. Then you move on with your day, never really knowing what that phrase truly means, or what precisely you should be this alert for…." Click here for more on the above title.


hock-police-patrol-police-judo  Attack of the Mad Patre-ons!

   “… you will walk over to the door with your hands up. You will unlock the door,” I told him in my most menacing voice I could muster. "If you touch that pistol I will cut you in half." He understood that and marched over to the door. As he got close to his gun, I inched my pistol in just a bit more for…" Click here or on the above title for more on the above title for more.


FB-red  Death to the Siddle Heart Rate Chart

In "…even in the late 1990s and early to mid-2000s, independent thinkers began really challenging the chart as the internet grew. The challenges spread and gained momentum. There were numerous testimonies about people doing refined tasks with increased heart rates in combat, as well as other unusual circumstances…" Click here or on the above title for more.

hock-hochheim-pistol-searching-1  Pistol Muzzling

"…one of the things I do is something I picked up decades ago in a police course – a test run on the range. First event on the line with empty weapons, or replica weapons, I have everyone stand on the firing line, and we run through the commands. Watch and see what they do (especially new shooters) with their unloaded weapons. They draw. They stand in their various positions. They change…" Click here or on the above title for more.



tunnel-vision-hock-hochheim  Myths and Misconceptions About Tunnel Vision


"…invisibility is about the most extreme confabulation on tunnel vision I have ever heard from trainers. And some martial arts instructors like to quote these military and police trainers to sound “in the know,” “hip,” “cool,” and an “insider” to their civilian students. Who doesn't like to quote Grossman?"  Click here or on the above title for more info."

myths-misunderstandings-about-adrenaline-hock  Myths and Misunderstandings about Adrenaline

To sell a cure? You first need a good, scary poison. Adrenaline has become that poison, a boogeyman in martial training the last three decades. The very term itself – adrenaline is a bit of a catch-phrase for several, chemical hormones..;"  Click here or on the above title for more info.



 Hicks Law versus the World's Fastest Men

When put to the test, the world's fastest men blow the argument for the importance of Hicks Law.  Click here or on the above title for the essay.


rango-1  Fight, Flight, Freeze and More…

"Even many psychologists and psychiatrists aren't aware of the growing, modern movement to add the term "freeze" in with flight or fight…" Click here or on the title for the essay.



  how to maintain your focus during conflict

The Four “D-Words” Curses of Cognitivity!

 by W. Hock Hochheim 


 combat performance under stress

Combat Performance Under Stress

Police (or any Combatives) Performance Stress by Kathleen Vonk of "One of the best articles on this subject I have ever found. A must read! It also represents one of many experts now refuting the old Bruce Siddle "Heart Rate Chart." 

 somatic markers under stress

Somatic Markers, the Book Marks to Action, or…How I Learned to Put Think in My Hink! 

by W. Hock Hochheim 

how many reps to create muscle memory

 How Many Reps? How Many Hours 

by W. Hock Hochheim 

Do your think it takes 3,000 to 5,000 repetitions to create the muscle memory to learn a new move? Do you think it takes 10,000 hours for mastery? You are now very, very wrong.

  do bullets move people

 Newtons Law? Do Bullets Move You?

by W. Hock Hochheim




   startle flinch reflex

Startling News on the Startle Reflex

by W. Hock Hochheim

The Zero-To Sixty Study Series continues. Have you been basing your fight training on material that actually comes from audible research only? And not work based on visually seeing attacks coming in? This article may well turn your training world completely upside down.

aiming your gun with both eyes open

Binocular – Monocular Shooting

by W. Hock Hochheim

One eye open. Two eyes open. Dominant eye? Which what? Read this in-depth article on the subject of aiming your pistols and long guns. What many gun instructors would rather not deal with, and some will not explain or tell you about.  


 How to Survivhow to survive a dirty bombe a Dirty Bomb

by Margaret Eden






 how to survive a dog attack

  How to Survive Dog Attacks

by Margaret Eden






And so many, many more! Join Hock on his blog page and see all the articles. Hock's Blogs


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