SFC Combat Instructors – U.S.

Certified Scientific Fighting Congress Combat Instructors

United States

The Scientific Fighting Congress Course Guide:

  •  UC – Unarmed Combatives
  • Knife – Knife/Counter-Knife Combatives
  • CQC Group – (doing all hand, stick, knife, gun courses)
  • Multi – Certified in more than one system.
  • Police Judo – (too numerous to list here)

   Levels of Instructor Progress

1) Class or Group Organizer
2) Basic Instructor
3) Advanced Instructor
4) Specialist Instructor
5) Master Instructor (this is like a range master, or "master sergeant," not a martial arts master. A Black Belt level).

   The SFC requires that instructors attend a SFC seminar at least once a year, barring emergencies. Their other training and teaching are taken into consideration.These people below are currently active and are certified. (USA States appear below in alphabetical order). 

    People listed on our instructor pages are "active-duty," certified instructors. There are people not on the list that have attained various ranks to include Black Belt levels ranks in the last 20 years, but for whatever private or professional reasons, they are not recently active within this organization. They still possess these rankings, they are just not listed here on the active-duty pages. Hock is constantly improving and honing the material, as well as checking on the instructors and their progress. If he doesn't see them for a long period? They fall off the active-duty list.

Have ALL your instructor questions answered at:

Scientific Fighting Congress Frequently Asked Questions

Note: UC (Unarmed Combatives), CQC (Close Quarter Combatives), PAC (Pacific Archipelago Combatives), SFC (Scientific Fighting Congress)


Jesus Murrieta Tucson, AZ  | Instructor – CQC Group Level 6 Tel: (520) 270-3591 Email

Paul Taylor Sahaurita, AZ |  Federal Agent | Instructor PAC Email

Ian Filep Tucson/Sahuarita, AZ | UC Basic Instructor, Black Belt in PAC/Filipino course, CQC Group Class organizer. 1990's Veteran SFC instructor in various SFC courses Email

Mark Hibler Scottsdale, AZ | Basic UC Instructor Email

Mike Duhon Sahuarite, AZ | Basic UC Instructor Email

Ruban C. Garcia Jr Apache County, AZ | Basic UC Instructor Email

Damion Farr Apache County, AZ | Basic UC Instructor Email

 arizona close quarter combat instructors U.S. SFC Combat Instructors



 Tim Llacuna Clayton, CA. CQC Group Level 10 Email (Note, Tim lives in Florida but visits back home in the Clayton, CA area quite frequently)

 california close quarter combat instructors ufc gym U.S. SFC Combat Instructors






Mike Belzer Glendale/Los Angeles, CA | Advanced Instructor – CQC Group and PAC Email

Ron Esteller San Leandro, CA | UC 2nd Dan, Black Belt Instructor, Level 10 Black Belt Knife instructor and, Level 10 SDMS Black Belt. CQC Group and Basic PAC Instructor Email

Officer Shawn King San Diego, CA | Basic UC Instructor. Email

Mike Omerbegovich Los Angeles, CA | Level 11 (2nd Degree Black Belt in UC, Level 6 Advanced SDMS Instructor, Level 3 Basic Knife Instructor, CQC Group Class Organizer, (plus numerous other rankings from other systems) Email

Tracy Scates Sacramento, CA | 2nd Dan Black Unarmed Combatives Email

Ben Cross Sacramento, CA |  Level 10 Black Belt Knife | 3rd Dan Black Belt Unarmed Combatives Email

Lloyd Jackson Modesto, CA | Unarmed Level 10 Black Belt | Knife Level 4 and Basic Instructor, CQC Group Class organizer Email

Shane Bennefield Sacramento, CA | Level 10 Black Belt Unarmed course | Level10 Black Belt Knife Course Email 

Andrew Yevsyevyev, Freemont, CA | Advanced Knife instructor, Level 6  Email

Adventure Collins, Grass Valley, CA | Level 11 2nd Dan Black Knife Course | CQC Group Instructor  Email

   oakland police police judo U.S. SFC Combat Instructors



 denver hand to hand combat U.S. SFC Combat InstructorsSome of the Classic Colorado group (from back to the 1990s!), folks like Larry Cline, Steve Lowery, Rick Rogers, Scott Pederson, Steve Meterkowski, Eric Meyes, Snake Blocker, et all….


Snake Blocker Littleton, CO | Instructor – CQCG, 3rd Degree Black Belt Level 12 UC |  Level 6 SDMS | Black Belt 3rd Dan/Level 12 Knife -Counter-Knife | Level 8 Gun / Counter Gun, | 1st Degree Level 10 Black Belt PAC | 2nd Degree Black Belt Level 12 American Combat Kempo/Karate/Jiu-Jitsu (702) 323-0422) http://www.blockeracademy.com     Snake@snakeblocker.com

Larry Cline Centennial, CO | Instructor – Expertise Level 7 CQC Group | UC – Level 10 Tel: (303) 794-3808) Email

Steve Lowrey Thornton, CO | Instructor – CQC Group Email

Eric Mayes Lakewood, CO | Instructor – CQC Group and multiple SFC rankings Tel: (303) 462-4200  Email

Scott Pedersen Arvada, CO | CQC Group 7, UC Level 11 2nd Dan Black Belt,  Knife 10,  SDMS Level 10 Email

Brian Harper  Colorado Springs | Class Orangizer, Unarmed level 1 Email

Jason Luce  Colorado Springs | 1st dan/Level 10 Unarmed Combatives Black Belt | CQC Group Class Organizer and Level 2 in the Hand, Stick, Knife and Gun CQC Group Email



Chris LaCava Milford, CT | Basic Knife Instructor  Email



Rob Kloss Delaware | UC Level 7, Advanced UC Instructor Email

delaware knife combat U.S. SFC Combat Instructors



Charles Pike Port St. Lucie, FL | Instructor – Multi Tel: (772) 834-3929 Email

David Roth Vero Beach, FL | Numerous instructors under Roth in his school Instructor – Multi  Tel: (772) 563-9333 Email

Tim Llacuna | SFC Combatives Major Instructor . CQC Group Level 10 in the hand, stick, knife and gun Email (Note, Tim lives in Florida but visits California frequently.)



Art Hyde Suwanee (North Atlanta), GA | UC Black Belt Level 10, Instructor, Adv. SDMS Instructor Level 10 Knife Instructor Tel: (678) 517-3490 Email

Mark Herron Ft. Gordon,  GA | PAC-Filipino Level 3 Basic Instructor Email



Marc Halleck Round Lake Beach, IL | Instructor/ Black belt in multiple SFC couses. Marc runs a staff of multiple SFC Black Belts and rank holders in these courses Tel: (847) 573-1672 Email

Randy Nichols Chicago, IL | Instructor – Multi Course instructor Tel: (773) 914-3545 Email

Mike Frazier Decatur, IL |  Advanced Instructor Level 6 in the Unarmed course. Gun 2. Basic Instructor Level 3 in the Impact Weapon/Stick course Email



Ted Grubbs -Northen Indiana. Knife instructor and holder of several ranks in the SFC course. Email 
Terry Gruel– Kokomo, Indiana. SFC rank holder of several levels and CQC slacc organizer Indiana Pit



Stephen Carroll Richmond, KY | Instructor – Multi Tel: (859) 626-2476 Email

Karen Estes Richmond, KY  | Level 6 Advanced Knife Instructor | Instructor – PAC 5, numerous other martial arts ranks Tel: (859) 893-1149 Email

Dennis Estes Richmond, KY | Level 3 basic Knife Instructor Email

Thomas Russo Louisville, KY | Instructor – Multi Course Instructor Tel: (270) 304-7178 Email

Duran Sheets Southern KY | Basic CQC Instructor  Email

Curt "Doc" Sheldon Cincinnati, OH / Northern KY | Level 10 Black Belts in Knife and SDMS Level 11, 2nd Dan in Unarmed Combatives Instructor – Multi (CQC Class #02 Honor Graduate) Tel: (513) 379-4564



Keith Plouffe Augusta, ME | Instructor – Unarmed Level 2, Stick Level 9 and Gun Level 6. CQC Group  Level 2 Email



Chris Mautino, New Orleans. Advanced Instructor Level 6 unarmed course. Email



Charles Jorden, Brunswick | Basic Unarmed Combatives Instructor Level 3) Email



Jeff Burger Boston, MA | Basic Knife Instructor (Knife level 4) and Thai Boxing Instructor, SDMS Stick Basic Instructor (stick level 3) Gun Level 3 Basic Instructor. Jeff is an excellent martial artist in mnay systems but a great source for Thai Boxing  Email

Paul J. DiRienzo Natick, MA | CQC Group Class Organizer | Various gun and stick ranks, Basic Knife Instructor (and JuJitsu) Metrowest Academy of Jui Jitsu Email



Cliff Munson II Watervliet, MI | Instructor – Multi courses: 4th Degree Black Belt UC, 1st Degree Black Belt PAC, Advanced Police Judo Instructor, Level 6 of the knife course Email

Don Young Grand Rapids, MI | Instructor – Multi course UC Level 12, SDMS 6, Gun 1, PAC Level 10, Knife Level 7 Tel: (616) 292-8467 Email

Chuck Pippen, Multi SFC course black belts, and Knife Level 6, Advanced Knife Instructor – Grand Rapids, MI  Email

Alan Pepin | Level 3 – Basic Knife instructor | Watersmeet, MI Email

John Windsor | Kalamazoo level 10, Black Belt in PAC/Filipino and Level 11 Black Belt in Unarmed Combatives Email

Eric Piper | South Michigan. numerous SFC black belts, CQC Group and Police Judo instructor  Email

Robb Wickham | Highland/Detroit – Basic Unarmed Combatives Level 3, Email



 U.S. SFC Combat Instructors


 The core black-belted, Minnesota mad men, Riccci, Kruchowski and the one and only, world traveler and adventurer – Doc Farnam on the far right


Jim Farnham Chisholm, MN 55719 |  UC Level 12 , Knife level 9 Expertise Instructor, Level 10 Black Knife Instructor – CQC Group (Class #03 Honor Graduate) Tel: (218) 254-3332  Email

Tom Ricci Chisholm, MN | UC Level 10 Black Belt Email

Tom Kruchowski Chisholm, MN | UC Level 10 Black Belt, Knife Level 4 Email

Joe Rick Sartel MN | Level 9 Expertise Instructor in UC, Level 9 Expertise Instructor in Knife, Level 5 in SDMS Email

Jordan Budenski New Ulm | Knife level 3 Basic Instructor | Email



Bryan Stevenson Independence, MO/KS area  | Multiple SFC instructorships, CQC Group Instructor Tel: (816) 536-7493 Email

Tobias Gibson Fulton, MO | PAC/Filipino Basic Instructorr | Basic Unarmed Instructor | Basic Knife Instructor | CQC Group Classroom Organizer Email

Frass Azab, Kansas City, MO.|  Basic Knife Instructor, Level 4. Owner/Operator of Warrior Krav Maga



David “Dawg” Kerwood and Staff – Meridian, MS | UC Level 11 Instructor. Knife Black Belt Level | 11 Instructor, SDMS Stick Level 11 Instructor | Gun Level 2 | 1st Dan Black Belt PAC and Filipino Instructor Advanced Level 10  | CQC Group Level 2  Email

Big Dawg

Gary Newel Meridian | SDMS Level 10, Knife Level 10 instructors. Gun 2 gary.a.newell@usps.gov

Kevin "The Tank" Hatcher Meridian, MS | SDMS Level 10, Knife level 10 instructors. Gun 2 Email

David Carr Meridian, MS | UC Instructor, and owner of Black Eagle Martial Arts



Mark Lyons, Omaha   Knife Instructor Level 10 Black Belt | CQC Group instructor – Email



Charles "Chuck" Burnett Las Vegas, NV  | Level 6 Advanced UC Instructor Instructor – CQC Group Tel: (702) 524-2195 Invictus Training

Mikeal "Bear" Smith Reno, NV | Advanced Level 6 UC, Knife level 7, Close Quarter Combatives Group Class Organizer, Numerous other black belt rankings from other systems. http://www.nevadaselfprotectioncenter.com 

Steve Krystek Las Vegas, NV | PFC Concepts  Instructor – CQC Group and Multi-ranks and Instructorships  Tel: (702) 768-9599 Email  Steve, along with Brian Hartmen run PFC and is a superior go-to guy and company for firearms.



Jim McCann Primal Gym, Hamilton, NJ | Instructor in PAC and all CQC Group courses. Level 10 In UC, Level 10 Black Belt in Knife, (See ad in upper right corner) Jim McCann DVDs Tel: (609) 571-2752  http://www.xtremefreestyle.com  jpmbujutsu@aol.com

Charles "Big Chuck" Doyle South & Central, NJ and Philadelphia and Bucks County Pennsylvania | Unarmed Combatives level 10 Black Belt Charlesdoyle109@comcast.net 

Christopher Stetler Woodpark, NJ | Unarmed Basic Level 3  Email

Shawn Kavanagh Jackson, NJ  Basic Knife Instructor Level 3 Email

Michael Sr and Jr Agugliaro  Fort Brunswick, NJ Advanced Knife Instructors Level 6  Email




Sean Ross Albuquerque, NM  Instructor | CQC Group (Honor Graduate CQC Camp Level#10, UC Level 10,  SDMS Level 10,  Knife Level 10, Gun Level 10. Sean is one of the few Level 10 CQC Group instructors. Tel: (505) 710-1877 Email  (note Sean is also working in Washington DC)



Jeff Edwards Cortland, NY | Basic UC Instructor Tel: (607) 423-5849 Email

Chad Dulin New York | Advanced Knife Instructor Level 6



Harold Evans Greensboro, NC | 5th Dan PAC/Filipino, Instructor – Multi course instructor Tel: (336) 392-6225 mail_harold@yahoo.com.

Nick Hughes Charlotte, NC | Instructor – Multi and CQC Group  Tel: (704) 222-4338 Email

Mitch Jenkins  Andrews, NC | Level 10 Black Belt UC/Kempo Instructor – Level 10, SDMS Level 10, Knife Tel: (828) 321-2370 Email

Lyndon Johnson Goldsboro, NC | Master (Level 10) Instructor – CQC Group, UC – 7th DAN, Knife Level 12, SDMS Level 10, Gun Level 10, PAC 7th DAN, Kempo/Karate/Jujitsu 7th DAN (See ad in upper right corner) (919) 658-8564http://www.hardcorecombat.com   hwarangwarrior@msn.com

Joshua Stevens Goldsboro, NC 27534 | Instructor – Multi course instructor Tel: (919) 778-6078 Email

Brian Corey Monroe, NC | Pacific Archipelago /Filipino Combatives Level 10 Black Belt, Instructor UC Level 9, SDMS Level 9, Knife Level 9, Gun Level Tel: (704) 221-0596 Email

Tyrone Pichon NC | Basic Instructor, UC Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Goldsboro, NC Tel: (850) 803-6761 tpichon504@hotmail.com

Lawrence (Larry) James Raleigh, NC | Basic Instructor UC | Basic Instructor Knife Email

Bernard RedField  Garner, NC | Level 3 Basic Instructor Knife | Redfields Martial Arts 



Curt "Doc Sheldon Cincinnati, OH/Northern KY | Level 10 Black Belts in Knife and SDMS Level 11, 2nd Dan in UC Instructor – Multi (Class #02 Honor Graduate) Tel: (513) 379-4564  Email

Naso Karas, Cleveland, OH. Level 10 Black Belt in the Knife  Email



John Clements Portland, Or | Knife Level 10 | UC 2nd Dan Black Belt | Stick level 7 and Gun ranks Email



Randell Deyarmin Altoona, PA |  Knife 6 Advanced Instructor, UC 6 Advanced Instructor, Instructor Basic CQC Group Level 3 Instructor Tel: (814) 941-0219 Email

Kelly Knight Malvern, PA | Black Belt Level 3, Level 12 3rd Dan UC Instructor Tel: (610) 640-9232 Email

Rob Kloss Kennet Square, PA | Level 4 UC, Basic UC Instructor Email

Robert Leskowitz Altoona, PA | Basic CQC Group Instructor – Instructor Unarmed Level 6 Advanced Instructor, Level 6 Advanced Knife Instructor Tel: (814) 941-2215 Email

Charles "Big Chuck" Doyle South & Central NJ and Philadelphia, PA and Bucks County PA | Unarmed Combativs Level 10 Black Belt Instructor Charlesdoyle109@comcast.net 

Adam Freedman North Wales, PA | Knife Instructor Level 10 Black Belt Instructor | Unarmed Instructor Level 10 Black Belt Instructor Email

Rick Dilaurenzo Lansdale, PA | Knife Instructor Level 10 Black Belt Instructor Email

Mike Austin Newtown, PA Never Surrender Self Defense | Black Belt UC  Tel: (215) 378-3929 Email

Mark Schott Frackville, PA 17931| Basic UC Instructor, Level 3 Email



Raffi Derdarian Providence, Rhode Island | PAC/Filipino 3rd Degree Back Belt, Level 9 Expertise Knife Instructor (and a Guro Dan Inosanto Instructor) Email

Chris Thompson East Greenwich, RI | Basic Knife Instructor, PAC/Filipino Basic Instructor, Basic Instructor SDMS Stick http://www.oceanstatejkd.com  Email



Brent Fugate Tullahoma, TN | Level 10 Black Belt in unarmed | Level 10 Black Knife and level 10 Black Stick. | Level 7 advanced Gun | Advanced Instructor Level 6 PAC. | CQC Group Level 6 |  Instructor Tel: (931) 454-9060 Email

Dewayne Thomas Tullahoma, TN | Advanced Instructor Unarmed 6  Email

Sharaze Colley  Memphis | Basic Knife Instructor   Email 



 texas mixed martial arts U.S. SFC Combat Instructors

Jeff "Rawhide" Laun Dallas and Denton County , TX  | Knife Level 11, UC Level 13, PAC Level 15, Advanced Police Judo Instructor, McCann MMA Coach Level 10 Close Quarter Combatives Tel: (469) 774-5333 grlaun@juno.com

Clint Bodungen Houston, TX | Level 10 Knife | Level 11 Black Belt Unarmed combat instructor, Basic Gun Instructor, Advanced Level 10 Black Belt PAC instructor, Advanced Level 6 SDMS Instructor, CQC Group Level 3 http://www.tacticalninjutsu.com  Email

Dr Jeff Allen Aubrey/Denton, TX | Instructor – CQC Group, PAC and various SFC courses Tel: (940) 323-9772 Email

Tom Barnhart Corinth, TX | Instructor Multi Black Belt, Course  Tel: (214) 727-0148 Email

Jason Gutierrez Denton, TX | 3rd Degree Black Advanced in UC and American Combat Kempo, Knife Level 11 2nd Dan Black, Level 10 Black Belt in SDMS Stick, PAC/Filipino 3rd Dan Black Belt Expertise  Email

Dean "The Dean" Goldade Taylor, TX | Instructor – CQC Group (UC – 6th Dan, PAC – 4th Dan, Knife Level 10. ("The Dean" is a highly respected Kajukenbo Black Belt) Tel: 512-375-9823  us.karate@yahoo.com      http://www.austinkaju.com

Rodrigo Guajardo . Brownsville Tx. UC  black Belt, kempo Karate JuJitsu Black Belt,  SDMS Black Belt, Knife Black Belt , Gun Black Belt , CQC Group Black Belt, investigator and security specialist, www.combativesrgv.com . rodrigoguajardo@hotmail.com

Mark Lynn Watauga, TX | Instructor (and Black Belt) Multiple courses Tel: (817) 498-7631 Email

Arlie Everett Dallas area, TX | SDMS level 10 Black Belt, Knife/Counter Knife 2nd degree Black Belt-level 11, Unarmed Combats Level 11, 2nd Black, PAC Level 10 Black Belt  Email

Dr. Miklos Major II Dallas area, TX | Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun CQC Group, PAC-Second Dan Black, Level 11, Unarmed Combatives – 4th Dan Black, Stick Level 10 Black Belt Tel: (214) 577-2391 Email

Bryce Ligeti North Richland Hills-Dallas, Ft Worth, TX | Unarmed Combatives Black Belt, Level 3 Basic Knife Instructor, Level 10 Black Belt in the SDMS Stick course.  Tel: (817) 281-4390 Email

Sami Shbeeb Houston, TX  | Basic Knife Instructor/Knife Level 6, Level 10 Black Belt Unarmed Instructor, Basic PAC Instructor, Advanced Level 6 Gun Instructor, SDMS Stick Level 10 Black Belt, CQC Group Level 3 Email

Aaron Shbeeb Houston TX | Knife Level 12 (Black 3rd dan) , Level 11 Black Belt Unarmed Instructor, PAC Level 10 Instructor, Gun Level 4 Instructor, SDMS Level 10 Black Belt Instructor, CQC Group Level 4 Email

Pablo Salinas Tomball, TX  | UC Basic Instructor, Basic PAC Instructor, Basic Knife Instructor/ Level 5 Knife Tel: (713) 972-5736 Email

Dominique Navarrete Dallas, TX | Level 10 Black belt Unarmed Combatives,  Advanced PAC Instructor Email

David Carpenter Dallas, Ft Worth, TX | 2nd Dan, Level 11 Unarmed Combatives Email

Kevin Quick Houston, TX | UC Level 10 Black Belt, Knife/Counter Knife Level 11 2nd Dan Black Belt, and Kempo-Jujitsu Black Belt. webpage is www.quickselfdefense.com    Email

Bill Rankel Houston, TX  | UC Level 10 Black Belt, Knife/Counter Level 10 Black Belt and Kempo-Jujitsu Email

Dan Adkinson North Richland Hills | UC Level 6 Advanced Instructor Email

Kedric Westbrooks Wylie, TX | PAC/Filipino and Knife Level 3 Basic Instructor Email

Keith Anthony Dallas-Ft Worth, TX | Knife level 10 Black | Unarmed Comatives Advanced Instructor level 6 Email

Steve Presnell McKinney, TX | Filipino and PAC Basic Instructor Level 3 Email

Kevin Bradbury North Richland Hills | Level 11 Black Belt, PAC and  Filipino Instructor, and other Arnis rankings | Knife Level 10 Black Belt Email,  Mid Cities Arnis

Shawn Vicknair, Sugarl and/Houston, TX  Basic Knife Instructor, Level 4 Knife – CQC Group Class Ornganizer Email

Matt Hamilton, Austin area, TX | Level 6 Stick | Level 10 Black Belt Unarmed | Class Organizer for the PAC Email




 Steve Cooke Kennewick, WA |  PAC 11, UC 11,  Stick 7, Knife 7, and CQC7.  Tel: (509) 628-2304 Email




 milwaukee wisconsin martial arts training U.S. SFC Combat Instructors

Fred Carsky Menomonee Falls, WI Email

Dennis Davidson Wawatosa, WI Email

Joseph and Kathleen Mech Ft. Atkinson, WI Tel: (920) 563-6599 Email

Daniel Langevin (Hawkeye) Kenosha, Wisconsin  | Advanced Level 6 UC Instructor Tel: (262) 308-2794 Email


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