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  Instructorship Organization, Levels and Fees are as Follows

  • Class Organizer: anytime after a few sessions with Hock
  • Basic Instructor upon completing any 3 courses. They do not have to be done in order.
  • Advanced Instructor upon completing any 6 courses. They need not be done in order.
  • Subject Matter Expert Instructor upon completing 9 courses, not in any order.
  • Black Belt Instructor upon completing the nine levels and the Level 10 test.
  • Or just train for knowledge and never test.

$75 certification fee per level. One time $150 instructor fee per Basic, Advanced, Expertise levels. No monthly instructor dues or tithing. YOU KEEP THE CLASS MONEY YOU EARN! Black Belt Instructors are automatically instructors anytime they wish to teach. Black Belt test – $500. (see the BB tests requirements above) Again, no monthly student dues or any "franchise fees." Only renew your Scientific Fighting Congress membership annually by attending a seminar. See Hock once a year. Keep training, learning and growing. Re-Certification. We expect to see each instructor and rank holder at least once every 12 months, in a seminar in order to keep credentials current in the natural evolution of these courses.

"I still use the term "black belt" for Level 10 in this course because many people really want to teach. Every potential student understands the term black belt and what it represents. Achieving one is important from a personal standpoint and a business perspective." – Hock

People listed on our instructor pages are active certified instructors. There are people not on the list that have attained various ranks to include Black Belt levels ranks in the last 20 years, but for whatever private or professional reasons, they are not recently active within this organization. They still possess these rankings, they are just not listed here on the active-duty pages. Hock is constantly improving and honing the material, as well as checking on the instructors and their progress. If he doesn't see them for a long period? They fall off the active-duty list.

On Getting Rank and Instructorships at Seminars

First off, all that optional and extra. And prior martial experience REALLY counts. These are certifications, NOT martial arts rankings. If you look good while doing the material, if you understand the material, you may qualify. The material is very simple.

Every topic I cover in a seminar is somewhere inside the hand course, or the stick course, knife course and gun course. So, it is possible to get one certification level, or maybe two levels inside one of those weekend courses. Possible. To become a Basic Instructor, someone must cover three levels inside one course. I usually don’t cover three levels in a common, mixed subject weekend seminar. But…if everyone there wants to? It can be done, but usually not. Most folks want some diversity in topics over a weekend. And, sometimes the seminar is announced to be, and intensely about one subject. Then it becomes more possible.

"As stated above, rank and instructorships are optional and additional. Each “rank” level will be $75 USDs. Each instructorship, Basic, Advanced or Expertise, will be $150 USDs.  (no monthly dues, tithings, etc). This is still pretty much pocket change compared to other organizations, who also demand monthly and yearly dues. Not me. I just ask that I see someone about once every year, depending on the circumstances. This attendance is their official renewal." – Hock

Contact Hock with questions at: HockHochheim@ForceNecessary.com




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